date-1019-frontdate-1019-backdate-1019-1date-1019-2In April 2008, six month after I had started Berlin Beatet Bestes, I posted this 45 by Fritz Woelffer for the first time. I wrote: “The two songs are solid instrumental Rock´n´Roll in the European Easy-Listening style of the Spotnicks, the Shadows or Jorgen Ingmann. Sadly, the first 10 seconds of Indio are pretty scratched up, to the point of being unlistenable. I`m putting the song here anyway. Until I find a better copy…”

I actually never expected to see another copy. Not that the record is particularly sought after, but it´s rare and just never turns up. Well, last week I finally found one, at a Berlin record fair. Ironically, it was the first record I picked, when I absent-mindedly let my hand wander through a box of cheapo 45s.  Usually I never bother with cheap records at record fairs, because there is too much high quality stuff to choose from already. Even though I had never seen the sleeve, I recognized the record immediately. It looks like it´s never been played and the sleeve is in good condition too. I paid 1 Euro.

Only a handful of German guitarists like Ladi Geisler, Coco Schumann, Dieter Resch, played this style in the 1960s. None of them ever made it big. On top of that, Fritz Woelffer´s Date 45 unfortunately fell out of time. Instrumental rock was long out of style, when it came out. Contrary to what I assumed six years ago, the record is not from the early, but from the late 60s. Both songs seem perfect. Indio is a seamless Western-movie themed tune. County is a sweet little tune, that apart from what the title suggests, also features bass, organ and drums. But it was all in vain. The odd sleeve probably didn´t help sales either. Fritz Woelffers only solo record went completely under the radar.

Fritz Woelffer was a well-known local session musician. In the late 40s he played guitar with the Heinz Becker Barquintet and recorded a bunch of sided for Amiga. So Woelffer was from Berlin, but I´m not so sure, that these songs were recorded in Berlin any more. The record was published by Albert Bennefeld  out of Berlin-Schlachtensee, but the back of the sleeve lists one Hermann Will (date-Tonproduktion für Schallplatte, Funk und Fernsehen, 8662 Helmbrechts), as the producer. So the date label was obviously from the small town of Helmbrechts, in the Upper Franconia region in the state of Bavaria.

My first copy of this record was so scratchy, that I didn´t even notice it was in stereo and recorded it in mono. Now, I  re-recorded both sides in glorious stereo.





The date label apparently issued mainly Bavarian folk music from the region, but then suddenly changed to beat and pop in the late 60s. Most notably Günter Noris, who became famous as leader of the Big Band of the German Bundeswehr. I have never seen, nor heard any of these other Date records:

– 1016  Günter Noris und sein Orchester, Playboy-Slop/ Hurrikan

Eine Instrumentalplatte mit viel Sound und Schwung. Ideale Party-Platte

– 1017  The Sunsets, Believe it everyday/ Blared Black Beat

Das Richtige für verliebte Leute – Soft Beat (weicher Beat)

– 1018  Orchester Ralf Cardello, Play Beat/ Canadian Patrol

Big Band Beat – Eine Sensation

– 1019  Fritz Woelffer and his Guitar, Indio/ County



(Über Fritz Wölffer habe ich auch in meiner wöchentlichen Kolumne Berlin Beatet Bestes in der Jungle World Nr. 47 vom 20. November 2014 geschrieben.)



5 Comments on “FRITZ WOELFFER AND HIS GUITAR, Indio/ County, 1969”

  1. kendrasteinereditions says:

    Wonderful single….thanks for sharing it. If I did not know the source of the B-side, I would have identified it as a Norman Petty (Clovis, New Mexico) production such as The String-A-Longs or the more easy-listening side of The Fireballs. I’m guessing the artist was a fan of those records. The organ even reminds me of Vi Petty’s playing on those recordings. For me, that style really is timeless (although for most, it’s anchored in the late 50s/early 60s).

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Glad you like it. Thanks for the comment. It feels good to know, that I´m not the only person who enjoys this type of music. It is a a lonely passion at times…

  3. hanst says:

    Thank you for the very good scans and the very rare & strange records!

  4. Indio meandert ein bischen, aber nett.

  5. mischalke04 says:

    Nur eine Handvoll deutscher Gitarristen, wie Ladi Geisler, Coco Schumann und Dieter Resch, spielten diesen Stil in den 60er Jahren. 2014 spielt ihn nur Kahuna Kawentzmann.

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