10900-B10900-ABear Family put out a “Surf in Germany” LP  in 1989, but so far there has never been a “Ska in Germany” compilation that features the early German attempts at the Blue Beat sound. This is one example.

Christian Bruhn (born 1934) is one of the most important songwriters and producers of German pop music. Drafi Deutscher´s hits like Teeny,  Shu Bi Du Bi Du The Slop, Cinderella Baby, Shake Hands and of course his smash Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht, were written by Bruhn. I would even compare his collaborations with lyricists Günther Loose and Georg Buschor, to that of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. They might not have been such huge fans of afroamerican culture as Leiber and Stoller, but they also genuinely wrote pop songs for teenagers. Bruhn had a very successful career with a long list of achievements and awards. Like Leiber and Stoller, he started his own label and music publishing and mainly stayed in the background. Now at 80, he is still working.

For a while though, he also tried his luck as a performer. Christian Bruhn, alias Charly Cotton and his Twistmakers, hit the top 50 with Der Liebestraum als Twist in 1962. Bibbel-Babbel-Blue Beat, the flip to Charly Cotton´s third release, seems to have gone nowhere and hasn´t been reissued in 50 years. It´s about time this wonderful nonsense is heard again!

“Bing-bang, bama-lama, milkshake, take-a-break, see-you-later, alligator, monkey-dog, do-the-frog, bing-bang, bama-lama, beatle-weatle, rolling-stone, Elvis Presley, Sigmund Freud, Charly Cotton!, Telephone!”



One Comment on “CHARLY COTTON UND SEINE TWISTMAKERS, Bibbel-Babbel-Blue Beat, 1964”

  1. berry van Turnhout says:

    I have de original single from charly cotton bibbel babbel blue beat nr. ANG 10.003 this is the B side from a dutch single from Carly cotton the A side nr is KRUIP IN DE KAST

    I have this single in mij prived single collection from ± 6000 pices my parents has pay this single in the early 60

    greatings from holland
    berry van Turnhout

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