HARRY & RONNY, Die Schande unserer Familie, 1964

DVS-14420-frontDVS-14420-backDVS-14420-ADVS-14420-BShawn Elliott´s Shame & Scandal and Millie´s My Boy Lollipop were the biggest ska hits. Heidi Bachert recorded a German version of My Boy Lollipop in 1964. There are dozens of covers of Shame and Scandal In The Family in various languages and at least four different German versions. Gela & The Gentries even recorded a great Bavarian version: Die Schand und dös G’red.

But there were a number of German artists who also jumped on the blue beat train. Now, as I´ve written, this would make a nice “Ska in Germany” compilation. Unfortunately I don´t own any of these records, so meanwhile you may just follow these Youtube links. Gitte recorded Das ist der Bluebeat, Mike & Joe (alias Michael Holm and Joachim Heider) recorded Blue Beat Baby paired with the equally great ska flip Hallo du, hör mal zu. Ria Bartok did Zu schade dafür ( a cover of Tracey Dey´s Ska Doo Dee Yah) and Annamarie did the clearly off-beat Little Boy Butterfly. I  couldn´t find the song anywhere, but there is a version of Patsy Girl, recorded by Udo Arndt und die Safebreakers. I assume it´s a cover of Ross McManus & the Joe Loss Blue Beats 1964 smash. Ross McManus, the father of Elvis Costello.

The German lyrics to Harry and Ronny´s version of Die Schande unserer Familie were written by disc jockey Camillo Felgen, who also wrote the German lyrics to the Beatles´ She Loves You (Sie liebt dich) and I Want To Hold Your Hand (Komm gib mir deine Hand).

Now who were Harry and Ronny?

HARRY & RONNY, Die Schande unserer Familie, 1964

6 Comments on “HARRY & RONNY, Die Schande unserer Familie, 1964”

  1. Wolfgang says:

    Lerne vieles von deiner seite

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Freut mich!

  3. Limbabwe says:

    Hi Andreas !

    A small correction; I do not think the German lyrics to Harry and Ronny´s version of ‘Die Schande unserer Familie’ were written by disc jockey Camillo Felgen.

    Responsible for the German lyrics were Kurt Feltz and Lawrence Yaskiel (using the alias Lawrence Montague), a German (?) record industry executive, who on occasion acted as lyricist. Have a look at GEMA and SecondHandSongs ( http://secondhandsongs.com/performance/364787 ).

    Camilio Felgen sometimes used the alias Lee Montague ( http://www.joemeekpage.info/deutsch_dvo_E.htm ), which explains the mix-up.

    Thanks for a great blog!

    Kind regards,


  4. mischalke04 says:

    Wow! I always reckon that nobody cares about any of this, let alone bothers to check any of the facts. Thanks for the correction.

    Just curious: Did you KNOW this before, or did you research it after you read this post? I just copied the Lee Montague information from Discogs. Obviously, that´s not good “research”….

    best wishes

  5. erikcrap says:

    No, I didn’t know this before; your blog post triggered my research. As a volunteer editor of SecondHandSongs I’m always looking for interesting covers to add to our ever growing database and your blog is an excellent source for obscure German music, often covers.

    Thanks again for your hard work and it’s really appreciated and of value to music lovers worldwide. Keep up the good work !!

  6. Rex Lido says:

    Hi Michael, schöne Auflistung, tolle Facts. Habe schon seit vielen Jahren den Blick auf deutschen Blue Beat. Check mal z.B. Peter Reese, That’s the Bluebeat oder Hannelore Auer/Manfred Schnelldorfer mit “Irgendwann fängt doch jeder an”. Bin mittlererweile auch schon einen Schritt weiter und hauche diesen Liedern mit Rex Lido und den BalticBlueBeats neues Leben ein. Schöne Grüße vom Rex

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