THE SHOT-GUNS, Shot-Gun, 1966

11007-front11007-back11007-B11007-A This 45, released by Hippo Records in 1966, is the soundtrack to the German B film “Schwarzer Markt der Liebe”. The tiny Hippo label was founded by Frank Valdor (1937-2013), once one of Germany´s busiest orchestra leaders, who ran the label into the 1980s.  The film features local Berlin nightclub owner/ playboy Rolf Eden in one of the main parts. Eden still occasionally appears on German television. This great action-packed B movie,  that came out on DVD last year, unfortunately does not.

The movie´s theme-song, Black Market,  is sung or simply moaned, in a style somewhere between Astrud Gilberto and Jane Birkin, by German singer and actress Nana Gualdi (1932-2007). Gualdi was married to German song-writer and producer Joe Menke for a short time. Joe Menke will be in my next Hippo Records post. Nana Gualdi also had a relationship with orchestra leader Benny de Weille.

Shotgun, by the anonymous “Shot-Guns”, is a beat version of the hit song by Jr. Walker and his Allstars.

Both songs have not been officially re-issued for almost 50 years and are not commercially available anywhere.


THE SHOT-GUNS, Shot-Gun, 1966




4 Comments on “THE SHOT-GUNS, Shot-Gun, 1966”

  1. joey kröger says:

    Hi Andreas,
    Hans Jürgen Klitsch vermerkt die Shotguns als ein weiteres der dutzenden Pseudonyme, unter denen The Tonics / The Ravers etc. Aufnahmen `rausbrachten (Shakin`All Over, Seite 373).
    Danke für`s posten !

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Danke für die Info. Passt zu den Tonics…

  3. kdm says:

    Der (noch relativ junge) Rolf Eden ist auch auf dem Film-Foto zu “Schwarzer Markt…” zu sehen.

  4. mischalke04 says:

    Deshalb habe ich es ja ausgewählt. Danke für´s genaue Hingucken!

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