FRED GUTMANN UND STUDIO-BAND, Ich brauche dich dazu, 1960

prima-nr.4-4343 Tommy Kent (born Guntram Kühbeck in 1942 in Munich) recorded the original German cover version of I Need Your Love Tonight for Polydor. It was one of the last songs Elvis cut before he left the US for Germany to serve in the Army. Incidentally, Tommy Kent started his recording career in the flexi-disc business, first recording for Hit-Ton (a postcard record label) and Roxy, a sub-label of Vox-Imago, who also pressed flexis for the Prima label.

Unknown Fred Gutmann´s Prima version of Tommy Kent´s Ich brauche dich dazu, comes complete with reverb vocals and imitation of Tommy´s Bavarian accent. Gutmann recorded another rocker for the Prima label,  a fine cover of Billy Sanders´ Daisy du musst schlafen geh´n.

90 Pfennig – that´s what these one-sided Prima flexi-discs sold for. Supposedly a throw-away object for teenagers, 55 years later my copy still plays fine.

Plastic material can be quite durable. It´s possible. that this thin flexi might hold out another 55 years and still be around in 2070.

When nobody will remember what an MP3 was…


FRED GUTMANN UND STUDIO-BAND, Ich brauche dich dazu, 1960


5 Comments on “FRED GUTMANN UND STUDIO-BAND, Ich brauche dich dazu, 1960”

  1. says:

    Der älteste deutsche Rock and Roll heißt TINA DARLING ( Cover Version von Bill Haleys SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL)

    Siehe Youtube … Tina Darling ( Dieter Kersten)


    Dieter Kersten

  2. Kurt L says:

    This is playing at the wrong speed (too slow).

  3. mischalke04 says:

    You had me worried for a second. I just checked and played my copy of the flexi and NO, it´s the right speed!

  4. Kurt L says:

    Listen to the file on the page, not the flexi.

  5. mischalke04 says:

    Lieber Kurt,ich habe mir beide jetzt noch mal wiederholt angehört und keinen Unterschied festgestellt. Die Flexi klingt genau so, wie die MP3-Datei, die ich aufgenommen habe.

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