TITI, One Man Band (Ich hab´die Tröte und die Flöte), 1974

titi-one-man-bandBL-11310-ABL-11310-BTiti is Tweety in french. It is also a nick name – short for Thierry. But who is this mysterious Sombrero-wearing Titi? He sings with an obvious french accent and the picture sleeve shows him busking on the streets, but then both songs were recorded in a studio with some noise and applause mixed in later on One Man Band. Also, Titi claims to play horn, flute, guitar and bass in the song, unfortunately, the production does not make it sound like that. So don´t expect the raw noise of Hasil Atkins, John Schooley, Reverend Beat-Man, Dead Elvis, Bloodshot Bill or any other Squoodge Records One Man Bands….

These are nice songs though, that have not been re-released since 1974. The B-side Wohin soll das führen even has some surprisingly up-to date lyrics about gentrification and the radical demolition of old buildings and construction mania in inner cities like Berlin…

TITI, One Man Band (Ich hab´die Tröte und die Flöte), 1974

TITI, Wohin soll das führen, 1974


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