picturesque-belgium-frontpicturesque-belgium-backBye Bye Brussels! I´m returning to Berlin after 10 Days in the city together with the staff of Jungle World. Our “Belgium Issue” will hit the newsstands next Thursday.

Rescued a bunch of “Discocarte”- postcard records on the Marolles flea market last Sunday, shortly before I saw the rest of the box getting destroyed in the  rain. Kinda sad, kinda not. Most people who´ve never seen a postcard record, seem to like the idea. Like an E-mail with a picture and an MP3 attached. Only much cooler!

Until they hear the music …

Liechtensteiner Polka


The small scanner is not in the picture, but you can see me digitizing postcard records at our house in Brussels with my portable record player:





  1. Discocartes need to be revived!

  2. Bob says:

    Postcards records may be sometimes quite surprising. I have this description for a PhonoScope postcard printed in Switzerland :

    “vertical one with the lake and mountain is “Amsoldingen” and plays Ev’ry Day (It’s the Same) by Chatman and York; Vocal by Johnny Bell –PhonoScope Records – printed in Switzerland and the claim is that they will “play 200 times perfectly”.

    The song (actually by The Johnny Bell Tones) was originally issued on Cecil Records, obscure label from Newark, New Jersey, in 1957.


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