This track “Liebesgeflüster”  ( Lovers whisper ) should have been called lovers moaning because that`s what it is. A young couple doing telephone sex with a electric guitar playing   ( wanking? ) in the background. This  record probably came out in the early 70s and was meant to turn people on. Beside the moaning there is no mentioning of any obscenities. The dialogue is very suggestive but not graphic at all. It`s just stupid and the speakers are so bad it`s funny.

Liebesgeflüster (Gespräche eines jungen Paares)


ORCHESTER HEINZ ALISCH, The World of Love, 1969

This was the title track to the “educational” sex- film: “Oswald Kolle- Deine Frau das unbekannte Wesen” aka “Female Sexuality”(UK). Nothing sexual about the music on this record though, just the typical easy listening sound of the time.

ORCHESTER HEINZ ALISCH, The World of Love, 1969

ORCHESTER CHARLIE STEINMANN, Sag nicht “Good-bye”, 1969

GÜNTER PROTT, Grobgewürfeltes

Another travesty record but a much tamer one than “Diana”. Günter Prott aka Lila ( lilac ) just recites poems. No music on this record. The piece “Grobgewürfeltes” is about the self-centered gay scene. I couldn`find out anything about the artist or when this  was recorded.

GÜNTER PROTT, Grobgewürfeltes

DIANA, Ich hab Lust

Fuck ebay. I love flea-markets. There is a little flea-market down the street from where I live taking place every Saturday. This time I had the idea to document some of my finds and got my friend and fellow collector Frank to take photos. It was raining a bit but for these kind of things that`s always good. Bad weather means less competition from other collectors. In the past I`ve found great records when it was really hot in the summer or when it was freezing in the winter. But this market is rather small anyway and I never go there early. The kind of records I`m looking for always get left behind by “serious” collectors. This was especially apparent this time.

This record was only 50 cents and didn`t look like anything special. The sleeve doesn`t reveal much of what sort of music is on it. That`s why all the collectors that had combed over everything had left it there. I picked it because I didn`t know the artist. And also because Diana looked like a transvestite and the title “Ich hab Lust” ( I`m lustful/horny ) sounded interesting.

This is a great record. Probably the filthiest record on the whole market and a real surprise when Frank, my girlfriend and I listened to it when we got home. It`s outright pornographic but the fact that Diana is a transvestite and the up-beat pop music save it from making it unbearable. It`s really funny because she is singing about fucking and dicks but the music and her voice is just so nice.

Nothing found on the Internet about Diana. I would think it is a private pressing from the late 70s to the early 80s. But that`s just a guess…

DIANA, Ich hab Lust

DIANA, Wer mich haben will, der muß was leisten

(Ein kleiner, von mir auf deutsch geschriebener Text über Diana, erschien am 20. August 2009 in der Wochenzeitung Jungle World.

Im Internet zu lesen ist er hier.)

GISELA JONAS, Der Novak, Späte Reue & Morgengrauen


Gisela Jonas was a singer and bar owner. In Munich she still is a institution: “Die Schwabinger Gisela”- the Gisela from Schwabing. In the 50s and 60s Schwabing was the center of the Boheme in Germany, a place where artists, musicians, actors, “playboys” and all kinds of freaks met. Somebody from Munich could probably have written about her more competently, but apparently nobody has made an effort yet. She doesn`t have a wikipedia page and even more surprisingly, her music has never been re-released on CD or otherwise.

Born in 1929 Gisela started singing in bars when she was 20. In 1952 she opened her own bar “Bei Gisela” in the Occamstrasse, in the Munich district of Schwabing. In the late 50s and early 60s she was famous for singing dirty “chansons”. Her big hit was a parody version of “Der Novak lässt mich nicht verkommen”, a song about a woman’s indecent fantasies and her man “Novak”, who always keeps her from fulfilling them. In fact Gisela was so much of a one-hit-wonder, that she recorded many versions of that one song with new lyrics. Besides that she recorded a number of very good B-sides that i will focus on.

What I think is really great about her, is that she was so brave to sing about homosexuality, prostitution, drugs and sexual fantasies, when nobody was doing it. Her language is quite graphic, so much, that even today it is disturbing. Gisela Jonas was taken to court a couple of times but always got away without a sentence

On the back of this record sleeve somebody pasted a snippet from a Berlin newspaper that came out at the time of it`s release. It reports, that 2000 records were confiscated in a police raid on Gisela Jonas apartment in Munich and that even in Berlin the record was only to be sold under the counter.



GISELA JONAS, Morgengrauen

Am 3. September 2009 erschien ein kleiner, von mir auf deutsch geschriebener,  Text über Gisela in der Wochenzeitung Jungle World.

Er findet sich hier.

GISELA JONAS, Der Novak, 1. Folge & Die Männer sind so


Starting with this record, most of Gisela’s records had little holes in them, were parents could put little locks to prevent their kids from listening to the dirty music. Near the hole it says: ” Take good care of the Key.”

The song “Die Männer sind so..”(Men are like that..) is probably Gisela Jonas most disturbing one. It deals with Sado-Masochism in a very direct manner. The Chorus is: “Wer mir imponieren will, soll herrschsüchtig sein. Ich muss eine Peitsche spüren, dann bin ich sein.”(Whoever wants to impress me, should be domineering. I have to feel a whip then I`m his.)

Years ago this was the first Gisela record I bought and I remember, that the contrast between Gisela’s homely appearance and the strong lyrics really struck me as odd.

GISELA JONAS, Der Novak, 1. Folge

GISELA JONAS, Die Männer sind so

GISELA JONAS, Der Novak, 2.Folge


GISELA JONAS, Der Novak, 2.Folge

GISELA JONAS, Der Novak, 3.Folge & Die heisse Welle


This is another great example of Giselas Cabaret/Nightclub music. This is red-light district, night-time music at it`s best. A sort of dirtier Hildegard Knef style.The song “Die heisse Welle” (The hot/the new wave) is a up-tempo number with a long slow break. The lyrics are critical of the times, attacking cynicism and indifference.

GISELA JONAS, Der Novak, 3.Folge

GISELA JONAS, Die heisse Welle