JOY UNLIMITED, Der Top-Hit von Topset, 1974


A krautrocker´s chocolate bar? The Topset chocolate bar seems to have vanished from the market quickly, at least I can not remember it and I was 8 years old in 1974, a perfect customer for chocolate bars. I guess I was more into Kinderschokolade.

Here´s the Mannheim krautrockers Joy Unlimited, minus the vocalist they named themselves after – Joy Fleming, the inventor of German Soul singing.

I posted another promotional 45 by Joy Unlimited in 2008.

“Was heisst´n das, groovy?”

“Topset ist groovy!”

JOY UNLIMITED, Das neue Topset, 1974

JOY UNLIMITED, Qua Qua Pa Pa Qua, 1974

Nice water color drawing here on the sleeve, but with a classic “mistake” by the artist. Whenever I have drawn guitars like this, the musicians complained: ” That´s wrong! Why do the guitars have no strings?”



Ein neuer Schlager… , 1961

diolen-frontdiolen-backdiolen-seite-1diolen-seite-2A couple of years ago, I posted a song celebrating the advantages of polyester. While the 4 Cravattos were praising Trevira, this 2-sided flexible record is promoting Diolen. Back then I wrote: ” Today trying to find synthetic clothes from the 1950s is much harder than finding flexible vinyl advertisement records from the same time.”

While that still is right,  don´t get the wrong idea. These promotional flexis are still mostly worthless, because there is no market for them.  Still, I bet some idiot will offer a copy on ebay soon – for 20 Euros. Of course nobody ever buys these flexi discs for 20 Euros. There´s only a handful collectors of flexis. I´m one of them and I never pay more than 1 Euro.

When will they ever learn,

that records like this one belong in the free-box….

Ein neuer Schlager…

…die neue Krawatte aus Diolen mit vielen Vorzügen und einer großen Spezial-Werbung



TRIO SORRENTO, Geh´n Sie doch… , 1963

zum-tanz-mit-dem-trio-sorrentoT-74253-1T-74253-2Trio Sorrento was a fixture in the Berlin music scene from the 50s to the 70s. While less prolific than fellow Berlin trio 3 Travellers, they still managed to record a bunch of records for Ariola, CBS, Fontana, Elite Special  and budgets like Baccarola and Opera.

Among them, this promotional record for local supermarket chain Butter Beck, issued to celebrate the company´s 75th anniversary. Initially established in 1888 as a butter-shop by Oskar Beck, the company went out of business in 2004, and was sold to local rival Kaiser´s.

In 2006, a retro-Butter Beck toy truck was issued by the German toy manufacturer Wiking. A toy and this happy, swingin´ little tune seem to be the only things that commemorate the company today. An Internet search will probably turn out this post, just because I mentioned Butter Beck a bunch of times.

Butter Beck, Butter Beck, Butter Beck….

TRIO SORRENTO, Geh´n Sie doch… , 1963

TRIO SORRENTO, Hello Mary Lou, 1963



SHELL HITS mit den Breakaways und den Zulu-Ladies

shell-tipsshell-hitsshell-tips-labelshell-hits-labelShell, the world´s second largest company, employing 92.000 people, came up with the marketing slogan “You Can Be Sure Of Shell” in the 1930s. Twenty years later Bing Crosby and British singer Michael Holliday sang the tune. By the mid- to late sixties, German Shell issued this promotional record, featuring four up-dated versions of the song.

Hey, Shell Marketing Crew! If you discover these songs while browsing the Internet in search of inspiration for your next brainstorming session – no need to look any further: Here´s your new Shell advertizing tune! Custom made for Shell fifty years ago. I know, that you don´t know the history of the advertising campaigns of the company you work for. Very few people in advertizing do. That´s okay. It´s up to collectors like us, to save stuff like this and keep it from being forgotten.

But, just in case you use this… don´t forget to pay me for digitizing the single songs that you never heard before, and no longer have in your archives.

Just kidding….

THE BREAKAWAYS , You Can Be Sure Of Shell (Beat-Version)

THE ZULU-LADIES, You Can Be Sure Of Shell (Soul-Version)

THE BREAKAWAYS, You Can Be Sure Of Shell (Latin Jazz-Version)

THE ZULU-LADIES, You Can Be Sure Of Shell (Girl Group-Version)



DRSG-frontDRSG-C2DRSG-C3DRSG-backDRSG-40206-ADRSG-40207-BThis 45 is fitting easily  into the concept of this blog. It´s a privately pressed EP, that has never been reissued in 40 years, of four jazz tunes, recorded live at a furniture store in 1973, on the occasion of a design-exhibition.

The fact that this 45 is a promotional item makes it seem musically inferior to a proper jazz release, but it´s far from that. Band leader and pianist Hans-Jürgen “Specht” Bock  (1939-2006), bassist Klaus Schulze and drummer Slick Salzer were already seasoned jazzmen when they recorded these songs. Everything is excellent here, even down to the graphics, credited on the front to a certain hace. I especially dig the label design that doesn´t imply “furniture store”.

The Ragtime Specht Groove recorded five albums. For this EP they cover Jelly Roll Morton´s “Grandpa Spells”, Tom Delaney´s “Absent Minded Blues”, first recorded by the Dutch Swing College Band, and “Numbers Boogie” recorded by Sugar Chile Robinson. My favorite of this batch is Ragtime Specht Groove´s own original tune “Gisa”. I especially love the part when they go to a minor scale in the middle of the song and the bassist changes from playing with the fingers to a bow, Jimmy Blanton-style. And then suddenly they pick up the tempo again!

These Stuttgart cats sure were groovin´…



DIE RAGTIME SPECHT GROOVE, Absent Minded Blues, 1973




bei-uns-zu-Haus-frontbei-uns-zu-Haus-backbei-uns-zu-Haus-label This primitively packaged, one-sided flexi was a give-away for the customers of Edeka, Germany´s largest supermarket corporation.

Hamburg bandleader Erich Sendel (1917-1988) and his gang did their job, got paid and then immediately forgot about their creation. And everyone else with them. Nobody heard the happy little marching tune again, nobody missed it. For half a century this little genie has been locked up tight in a bottle.

So, here it is…

No longer lost in the supermarket…



RUTH FISCHER, Du bist noch viel zu jung für mich, 1958

ruth-fischer-whiteruth-fischer-black7-pal-1796As you might have noticed, I´ve been absent from this blog for a while. No specific reason, I just lost the weekly rhthm to post stuff and then had other things on my mind over the summer. But of course I kept buying records! I´ve got a whole box  of stuff that I will post in the coming weeks. Before I do that,  I´ll post a couple of records that were ready to post before I went on hiatus, this one is from May. Another reason I stopped posting was that I thought that the records on my wait list weren´t exciting enough.  Actually they´re not better or worse than anything I ever posted before. This one fits the bill: It´s not available in digital format elsewhere, the artist hasn´t been active for decades, and 50 years after it was recorded, I feel it´s fair to present it.

This one-sided flexible disc was made for the German Indanthren trademark association. Indanthren, or Indanthrone, is both a type of organic dye and a brand name.  The featured vocalist Ruth Fischer recorded about twenty sides for Electrola in the late 50s and early 60s. Accordingly the Electrola-Tanzorchester is also backing her on this swinging promotional song. While the arrangement is top-notch, the lyrics rather clumsily link teenage desire to the product:

You are still too young for me. Your mustache looks wimpy, so stop bragging (…)  I´ll be seventeen next year and I know what I want (…)  What do you have to offer, besides big talk and blue jeans? (…)  I want a manly, smart and true guy. A man as true and and “light fast” as Indanthren…

RUTH FISCHER, Du bist noch viel zu jung für mich




THE DING DOO DATTLERS, Modern Shave Charleston

modern-shave-frontmodern-shave-backmodern-shave-Amodern-shave-BA while back, Dropbox temporarily blocked my files because of too much traffic, but now everything is working again. So here´s a new post….

Hazy Osterwald, the undisputed King of Swiss pop and jazz music, died in 2012 at the age of 90. Without ever trying very hard, even I have collected a bunch of his records. This promotional record, made for a brand of men’s safety razors, has never been reissued.

For obvious reasons….


THE DING DOO DATTLERS, Modern Shave Charleston

THE DING DOO ]DATTLERS, Chicochino Cha-Cha-Cha