ragazzi-frontragazzi-backragazzi-labelNo particular theme this week, just a bunch of records I bought at the flea-market two weeks ago.

Il Ragazzi della Via Gluck were Adriano Celentano`s backing band from 1966 to 1970 and this is their first single published on Celentano`s own Clan Records. But I didn`t know this when I bought it. ragazziThe Ragazzis don`t exactly look like a Beat group but the song Rock! Il Padre del Beat sounded promising. Well, that turned out to be more of a nostalgic Rock`n`Roll number but the B-side is great: a italian version of Sam & Dave`s Soul classic Hold on I´m Coming


I RAGAZZI DELLA VIA GLUCK, Rock! Padre Del Beat, 1967


ORLANDO, Mustapha, 1962

orlando-frontorlando-back1orlando-labelThis made-for-export Ep has a short introduction to the artist in English on the jacket:

“Orlando is a twenty-year old Italian singer born in Cairo, Egypt. He moved to Paris where he swiftly made a name for himself as a successful interpreter of top-hits of the day. Orlando is a Bel-Air-Barclay recording artist.”

It doesn`t mention that Orlando,  born Bruno Gigliotti is the youngest brother of Yolanda Gigliotti, better known as Dalida.

Somehow the Slàva Kunst Orchestra got to back Orlando on “Mustapha”,  a 1960 hit in France for Bob Azzam, also for Barclay Records.

ORLANDO, Ya Mustapha, 1962

ORLANDO, Banjo Boy, 1962

ORLANDO, Itsy Bitsy, 1962

ORLANDO, Venti quattro mila baci, 1962

PINO GUERRA, Guitar Twist, 1961

Not a German record but one that i found in a nearby thrift store. I don`t know anything about Pino Guerra . The only information i could find, was a Guitar-learning Instruction-book on ebay. From the sound of this, he was the Italian Jorgen Ingman. Not exactly Jimmy Bryant, but playing “Trick-guitar”, European style.


“Guitar Twist” is a pretty standard instrumental-twist song, but I just like this guitar style very much.

I will post stuff by Miroslav Kefurt and Dieter Resch (the Czechoslovak and East-German exponents of that style) in the future. No information whatsoever about the “artist” who did the cover-drawing.

PINO GUERRA, Guitar Twist, 1961