MAVI ISIKLAR, Kanamam, 1965

A while ago I promised to post some more Turkish rock`n`roll. This record I bought last summer in Istanbul. I had been looking for records at previous times in Istanbul but found very little. Both songs are on a Dutch bootleg Cd that came out a while back. Great Turkish beat music that actually sounds very Turkish. Unlike, for example a lot of German beat stuff that simply imitated the British bands, this has a distinctly oriental touch, but still ROCKS!

MAVI ISIKLAR, Kanamam, 1965

MAVI ISIKLAR, Helvaci, 1965


SILUETLER, Sis, 1965

Another “Altin Mikrofon” (the golden microphone) release. As far as I know “Altin Mikrofon” was a talent show that got the winners a record deal. “Siluetler” were obviously heavily inspired by the “Shadows”, like most European instrumental bands of the early 60s. Again “Siluetler” managed to give their version of that sound a special Turkish twist. Great rock`n`roll!

SILUETLER, Sis, 1965

SILUETLER, Kasik havasi, 1965

CAHIT OBEN, Makaram Sari Baglar, 1965

This is a  Turkish beat record with a great guitar. It didn`t have the original sleeve so I`ll add a cartoon that I found in a Turkish satire magazine from 1966. Actually I looked through whole stacks of magazines in a used book store in Istanbul to find some rock`n`roll related cartoons. This is from the “Akbaba” magazine. By the mid-60s rock`n`roll had reached not only Turkey but also Eastern Europe, even Russia. Below the cartoon it says: ” The Beatles fashion has reached the iron curtain.”

“Marx has lost!”

CAHIT OBEN, Makaram Sari Baglar, 1965

CAHIT OBEN, Halime, 1965

FERDI ÖZBEGEN, Kes-Kes, 1965

Ferdi Özbegen was a well known Turkish pop singer. Here he tries his hand on some twist songs with great results. Turkey has a rich history of pop culture and they tend to make everything their own. They have a really crazy movie industry and their cartoons have always been exceptional. Here`s another example from “Akbaba” magazine no. 28 from 1966. As more and more hippie tourists came to Turkey in search of high life and hashish, even the papers took note. And of course the border police…

…who led them directly to the hamam, the hairdresser and the tailor!

FERDI ÖZBEGEN, Kes-Kes, 1965

FERDI ÖZBEGEN, Sandigimi Acamadim, 1965

CELAL SAHIN, Hasso Twist

When I saw this record I was not sure if I should take it because it is so beat up and really scratched. There is even a small hole in the label. But after I listened to it I knew I wanted it. If only to try to find a better copy someday. “Celal Sahin” sounds like someone who is too old to be doing the twist but he`s got a really funny voice. This is a great novelty record. Now if I only knew what he is singing about…

“Akbaba” magazine no.26, 1966

CELAL SAHIN, Hasso Twist

CELAL SAHIN, Bugün git yarin gel

MEHMET TANERI, Bu son gecemiz (Thunderball), 1965

This is a cover version of the theme song for the “James Bond” film “Thunderball” from 1965, sung of course in Turkish. The illustration is from “Akbaba” magazine no. 22 from 1966. Compared to the image that Turkey, a Muslim country, still has today, the visual boldness of 1966 is pretty stunning.

MEHMET TANERI, Bu son gecemiz (Thunderball)

MEHMET TANERI, Sen sen sen,

Match Twist

Just in time for the crucial Turkish game against Croatia tomorrow in the quarter-finals of the European Football Championship, here`s a Turkish Twist song with a football theme.

It starts with football fans shouting and has a break with a Turkish radio speaker wildly commenting on a football game. The shouted chorus is something with “Fenerbahce” , so I would guess this is a record in support of the football club “Fenerbahce Istanbul”.

There is no band name credited to the song apart from the musicians: M. Sungar on piano, S. Yurdatapan on bass guitar, R. Anglin on electric guitar, Ismet Demirai on saxophone and Durul Gence on drums. This is pretty much from the beginning of Turkish Rock`n`Roll in the early 60s. I bought some more Turkish Rock`n`Roll 45s on my last visit to Istanbul that I`m going to post in the near future.

So let`s hope the Turkish fans are not wreckin`Kreuzberg tomorrow, as they can get pretty wild in their enthusiasm…

Match Twist

(The illustration is from a postcard that I found in Beyoglu, Istanbul)