AL HENDERSON, Lemon Twist, 1962

Al Henderson, born in Owensboro, Kentucky, recorded a fine Rock´n´Roll 45 (Ding Dong Dandy/Mary Jane) for East-West in 1958, recorded with Boyd Bennett‘s Rockets in 1960 and another record for King in 1963. all-star-dairies

This record was issued by All Star Dairies to promote the Lemon Twist Ice Cream. Lemon Twist is a pretty average take on Let´s Twist Again but All Star Boy is a fine rocker with a nice guitar break.

Plus this little fella is makin my mouth water. I wish I had some  All Star Ice Cream right now.  The company still operates today though…

AL HENDERSON, Lemon Twist, 1962

AL HENDERSON, All Star Boy, 1962

BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED, Poughkeepsie-City Of Sin, 1980

While I´m at it, here´s another record I got in Brattleboro. Chris gave me a bunch of records and this was one of them. This  record fits right along a couple of Berlin records that I posted here before: not punk, not new wave, not hard rock but a little bit of everything.  I love it!

This is what wikipedia has to say about Poughkeepsie:

The name derives from a  Native American word (roughly U-puku-ipi-sing), meaning “the reed covered lodge by the little-water place,” referring to a spring or stream feeding into the Hudson River, south of the present downtown area. Poughkeepsie is known as “The Queen City of the Hudson.” During the late 1980s through the late 1990s, Poughkeepsie suffered from severe socioeconomic turmoil, serving as a symbol for urban decay in the Hudson Valley.

This is a great ode to a declining small town and a great, silly novelty rock´n´roll song!

Again many thanks for this, Chris!

BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED, Poughkeepsie-City Of Sin, 1980


MICHAEL POMEROY, Night Train, 1962

discount-disc-labelI bought close to 200 records on this trip, 180 45´s and 20 Lp´s. The most I´ve ever bought on a trip. The majority were 50 cents to 1 dollar. And because airlines let you take  only one bag I had to carry most of them onto the plane. It was real work getting those records home.


On the last day in Brattleboro the nice owner of  In the Moment offered me another 50 records for 2 dollars that came with a record rack. I already had 150 and wasn´t sure about that, but then Julia gave in and I got them. Now I´m happy I did.records-with-rack

Also in this metal rack were seven Discount Disc 6-song EP´s,  typical drugstore records. Not in the best shape, but for less than 5 cents a piece, I´m not complaining. That´s less than one cent for a song. Try to beat that iTunes!discount-discs

Discount Discs were manufactured by Pickwick International Records, the originators of budget records. Lou Reed got his start in the music-business, working as a staff songwriter for Pickwick. He didn´t write any of these though, because they´re all cover versions of hit songs. You will probably recognize most of them.

So, give these 45´s,  that seem doomed to be discount records forever,  a chance. The songs are great!

Not as blazin´fast as the James Brown 1962 version but still real cool instrumental version of  Night Train:

MICHAEL POMEROY, Night Train, 1962

Pretty close to the Orlons original:

THE DISCOUNTS, The Wah-Watusi, 1962

Get it. It´s good and it´s free:

THE DISCOUNTS, Green Onions, 1962

Nice instrumental version of Chubby Checker´s hit record:

THE DISCOUNTS, Limbo Rock, 1962

Again pretty faithful cover of  the Dovells:

THE RAMRODS, Hully Gully Baby, 1962

Instrumental version of the Blue Belles:

THE RAMRODS, I Sold My Heart To The Junkman

Nice rough version of the Contours hit:

THE TRIANGLES, Do you Love Me, 1962

Sounds more like Frankie Lymon than Chubby Checker:

TUBBY CHESS, Dancin´Party, 1962

Despite the name this version sounds more like the Isley brothers:

THE ENGLAND BROS., Twist & Shout, 1962

Dee Dee Sharp recorded the original:

JEWEL-PEARL, Gravy For My Mashed Potatoes, 1962

Freddy Cannon:

MEL BROWN, Palisades Park, 1962

Thurston Harris:

DICK CRAWFORD, Little Bitty Pretty One, 1962

Jimmy Clanton:

FRANKIE MILLS, Venus In Blue Jeans, 1962

Joanie Sommers:

IRIS BURKE, Johnny Get Angry, 1962


ARTURO, Little Diane, 1962

Originally sung by Johnny Western, from the TV-show Have Gun Will Travel:

WAYNE ARMSTRONG, Ballad Of Paladin, 1962


bb mark richards 2 I´m on vacation right now so this week fellow record collector Stefan is filling in for me. He collects mostly German advertisement records and has donated missing sleeves of records I posted a few times over the last weeks. He made quite an effort to scan the records, digitize the music and write these posts. I hope you enjoy his selections as much as I do. So please feel free to comment if you download his music. It would be a small gratification for his work.  I now leave you with Stefan:

When it comes to the TWIST  I ´m not an expert like Andreas is. But every 45 collector should at least have a couple of Twist records in his record cabinet, or rather in his record-ALBUM. Dance records were used for parties and to carry them you needed a record album or a box. The pretty designs of these albums made it easy to leave the picture sleeves at home. In order for the record to find its way back to its owner after the party, it was common to put a name or a sticker (on the black labels) on them. Of course today most of those party records are visually and audibly in quite a different condition than the MINT material that makes for sleepless collector´s mark richards 3

But they ´re HOT TUNES!



(Ich bin ja im Gegensatz zu Dir kein Spezialist, was den TWIST angeht. Aber jeder Singlesammler wird zumindest ein paar wenige Twist-Scheiben im Schrank haben, oder besser: im ALBUM. Nachdem die tanzbaren Sachen gerne bei Partys aufgelegt wurden und man die dann auch zu solchen mitnahm, bot sich ein Album oder Köfferchen zum Transport an. Auf eine Bildhülle konnte man dank der vielen hübschen Albenmotive daher meist verzichten. Daß die Single wieder nach der Party den richtigen Besitzer fand, war es üblich, auf dem Label Namen oder Sticker (bei schwarzen Labels) anzubringen.
Derart partytaugliche Platten befinden sich natürlich in sichtlich und hörbar anderem Zustand wie das MINT-Material schlafloser Plattensammlernächte. Aber: Heiße Nummern !)

mark-richards-frontmark-richards-backmark-richards-labelBecause Hans from Holland wanted to hear it and because it fits the gap, here´s another record by Marc Richards and the Silver Keys. I don´t know anything about him but this French EP seems like another typical record that was trying to cash-in on the Twist craze. There is a a vocal-group style song, another that sounds more like Sam Cooke and two straight Twist numbers.mark-richards-detail

But its all great black Rock´n´Roll!!!

MARK RICHARDS &  THE SILVER KEYS, My Baby Couldn´t Dance, 1962



MARK RICHARDS & THE SILVER KEYS, I just couldn´t Take It, 1962

les-guitares-du-diableNow if only one of you had this little French record by LES GUITARES DU DIABLE that is displayed on the back of the sleeve. I sure would like to listen to that…

THE TIGERS, GeeTO Tiger, 1965

I don´t care about cars. I don´t even have a drivers licence. You don´t need one in this city. Public transportation is very reliable and besides that pretty much everywhere I need to go I can go by bicycle. I´m a little busy this week so these posts are going to be short. Just good music.

The Tigers were some guys from the Deuce Coupes who were involved in the California Surf and Hot Rod scene. This record was advertising for the new 1965 Pontiac GeeTO Tiger. Two great Surf/Hot Rod tunes. I like the semi-instrumental b-side GeeTO Prowl even better…

THE TIGERS, GeeTO Tiger, 1965

THE TIGERS, The GeeTO Prowl, 1965

BILLY SHERRILL, Drag Race, 1963

Drag Race is a nervous piano-driven instrumental song but it doesn´t really have anything to do with Hod Rods. Tipsy has the same leading piano mixed with the sound of a bottle being opened, alcohol being  poured and some glasses clinked. Does this record advocate drunk driving?

Anyway two great Rock´n`Roll instrumentals!

BILLY SHERRILL, Drag Race, 1963


DAVE MYERS EFFECT, Speed International, 1966

This is a soundtrack from the MGM-film Grand Prix directed by John Frankenheimer and starring James Garner, Eva Maria Saint and Yves Montand. The title track is  crap but Speed International is a really cool organ and percussion driven beat tune.

Including plenty of roaring engines…

DAVE MYERS EFFECT, Speed International, 1966

DAVE MYERS EFFECT, Grand Prix, 1966

(Update 07/09/09:  Stefan must have a million records. Or exactly my taste in music. Once again he had this record too. And the sleeve. Thank you, Stefan!)grand-prix

THE SHOW STOPPERS, Ain´t Nothing But A House Party, 1968

show-stoppers-frontshow-stoppers-labelWhen I post records  on this blog everything about them looks neat and organized. Looking for records at the flea-markets and in thrift-stores is the opposite. Everything is cluttered and you have to make your own decisions. In reality the dirt and the gold are so close they seem

Like in this case. If you know the Show Stoppers you will know the deal. If you don´t, like I didn´t when I bought this record, you´ll go by the sleeve.  I liked the cartoon. So imagine my surprise when I took this “party record”, that I had purchased for 50 cents in a thrift-store, home and gave it a listen. It´s a monster Northern Soul classic!!!

For some reason the people at Metronome had decided to market this 1971 re-release of the Show Stoppers 1968 hit record as a “party record”. Misleading would be an understatement. This is a classic Soul record!!! The sleeve was drawn by the young designer Heinz Dofflein.h-d-71 Sadly I couldn´t find out much about Heinz Dofflein on the Internet.  He did a great cartoon LP sleeve in the same style  for the Guckenheimer Sauerkraut Band(1974) here. He also did a bunch of  LP sleeves for Krautrock bands such as the legendary Robert Crumb inspired drawing for Berlin`s Birth Control (1972) here, Guru Guru (1972) here and a fantasy style painting for Grobschnitt (1977) here. But after that, he seemed to have stopped working. Hopefully some information will surface about Heinz Dofflein. I sure would like to know what happened to him…

( UPDATE 01/22/2010:  I got a mail recently, by someone whose sister was Dofflein´s girlfriend once, informing me that Heinz Dofflein has died. That´s all they knew, not where and when, so I can´t confirm it.

Übrigens: ein kleiner erweiterter, von mir auf Deutsch geschriebener Artikel, über diese Platte der Showstoppers und über Heinz Dofflein erschien am 29. Oktober 2009 in der Wochenzeitung Jungle World. Zu finden Online hier.)

THE SHOW STOPPERS, Ain´t Nothing But A House Party, 1968

THE SHOW STOPPERS, What Can A Man Do, 1968