THE POPPY FAMILY, Endless Sleep, 1970

This is a post answering Devil Dick`s post about  The Poppy Family.

I bought it on my trip to Croatia last month and didn`t know anything about the group.  I took it because I recognized Endless Sleep as the Jody Reynolds-penned tragic teen classic.

This is a great version of that song by the American group The Poppy Family on the Decca and the Yugoton label. Yugoslavia , probably because it was a member of the Non-Aligned Movement, had a little more freedom taking capitalist shortcuts. But then I´ve seen these double logos on Hungarian records too and Hungary was part of the Warsaw Pact states. Maybe it doesn`t have anything to do with either of these facts but a capitalist logo on a communist record is pretty strange. Maybe somebody can bring some light into this matter?.

THE POPPY FAMILY, Endless Sleep, 1970

THE POPPY FAMILY, Which way you goin`Billy?, 1970

KORNI GRUPA, Bube, 1970

As promised here are some more records from my trip to Croatia. Most of them I bought in a little thrift-store in Split. There is a lot of great beat and punk from Yugoslavia but I only spent 3 days in Split, so this only what I found in that short time. I`m not an expert on Yugoslav rock but I knew a couple of band names and picked up everything that looked slightly like rock or pop music.

Luckily Miro, the nice fellow who led me to the thrift-store, offered to give me some of his old 45s that he didn`t need any more. So on the following day we met in a cafe and he gave me about 20 more records.

This record belonged to him and I`m happy that he was willing to part with it. I`m not a big fan of progressive rock but I really like this Yugoslav brand of it: kind of pop-ish and funky. My favorite song is “Bube”. Thanks a lot Miro!

KORNI GRUPA, Bube, 1970

KORNI GRUPA, Neko Spava Pored Mene, 1970

INDEXI, Sve Ove Godine, 1972

This is also from Miro`s collection. Indexi were a popular beat group before turning into a progressive direction. I like both songs because, again, they have a nice touch of pop.

Cleaning records in the hot Croatian sun. They dried up in no time..

INDEXI, Sve Ove Godine, 1972

INDEXI, Krivac Si Ti, 1972

INDEXI, Povratak jacka trbosjeka i ostalog zla, 1970

More from Indexi. This one I found myself, but it didn`t have the original sleeve. The wrong Yugoton company sleeve that came with it looks nice though. “Plima” is a mid-tempo progressive rock ballad with breaks, “Povratak…” is a fast heavy rocker and the b-side”Ugasila Je Plamen” is a slow driving progressive number .

INDEXI, Povratak jacka trbosjeka i ostalog zla, 1970

INDEXI, Plima, 1970

INDEXI, Ugasila Je Plamen, 1970

DUO SPEVEC, Privlacna Zena

This was easy to pick up, because the group that back the “Duo Spevec” is Crveni Koralji”, sort of the Yugoslav “Shadows”. “Privlacna Zena” is a cover of Roy Orbison`s “Pretty Woman”.

DUO SPEVEC, Privlacna Zena


“Crveni Koralji”, the “Red Corals” backed many pop singers and developed into a popular beat group. “Sretne Ruke” is a cover version of Cliff Richard`s “Lucky Lips”.



IVICA SERFEZI, Ja Idem U Cansas City

“Ja Idem U Cansas City” is a cover version of Wilbert Harrison`s 1959 hit “Kansas City”.

IVICA SERFEZI, Ja Idem U Cansas City


Niko Kao Ti is a cover version of  Personality by Lloyd Price, but more likely Caterina Valente´s rendition was the basis for this. Ljubav, Ah Ljubav is a cover version of  Angel Of Love.


LOLA NOVAKOVIC, Ljubav, Ah Ljubav