JOE DIXIE UND DIE PING-PONGS, Frühling in Texas, 1949

More swing music from Berlin. Frühling in Texas is very much inspired by the Andrews Singers. Cool lyrics about springtime in Texas and the cowboys having a ball with no cops and no tax authorities around.

Instead of a copyright statement the label states: Issued with the approval of the intelligence of the military governement . Meaning the US military in Berlin.

Another issue of Kobold magazin,  if you pleeeze?:

Kobold magazine, No. 7, 1949, printed in Berlin-Tempelhof

“Something the American advertisement illustrator allows women, a German cartoonist demands for men”. Ilustration by H. Lucas

Illustration by Hans H. Hoppe for a satirical poem about modern art by Hector:

Berufsverkehr (traffic), Cartoon by Heinz Musculus

Springtime in Texas…

JOE DIXIE UND DIE PING-PONGS, Frühling in Texas, 1949

JOE DIXIE UND DIE PING-PONGS, Tage vergehen, 1949