GOOGOOSH, Djadeh (The Road)

7.SAR-1034-B8.SAR-1034-AI should have at least recognized the voice. The persian superstar Googoosh singing Djadeh with a touch of Shirley Bassey and a dramatic horn-section backing her. Kieh, Kieh is a slow Pop ballad.

GOOGOOSH, Djadeh (The Road)

GOOGOOSH, Kieh, Kieh (Who is it?)


auktion-destruktion-flyerTomorrow,  Frank and I are going to play, auction and (hopefully) destroy some records again at the 4th auction/destruction happening at the Kollage in Kreuzberg. Performing at around 9:30 will be Eli Salzman from Santa Cruz, California. Come early and listen to Eli.

Or come and look into my box of records so you`ll know what will be auctioned later. I recently bought a whole box (about 400) of  hit records from the 70`s and 80`s at a thrift store in my street. Some great stuff but also real garbage. I`m looking forward to play, sell or destroy some of them next Friday. Frank just got back from traveling over a month in the US. He promised to sell some of the 45`s of that stack of records that he bought in Memphis and Philadelphia. Hope to see you!

If you can read German you can see a new one-page comic about Auktion/Destruktion that will appear in Ox-Magazine next week, on my other site Monovision.