If you were still in doubt about the quality of this weeks rock´n´roll records this should set you straight. Not only is this a rock´n´roll medley, a particularly weak format, it is also played on the accordeon by some old guys. The accordeon would´ve been cool if they were from Louisiana but Germany?

Die Farbe der Liebe originally recorded by Paul Kuhn, is a cover of A White Sport Coat by Marty Robbins and Hula-Baby,  the German cover version of Hula Love by Buddy Knox, was a hit for Peter Kraus.

( Cartoon by Wigg Siegl from the book “Mixed Pickles” published by Heyne-Taschenbücher, 1961)

Then again Rebel Rouser is kinda rockin´ on the accordeon…

DIE AKKORDEON-MELODIKER, Patricia. Der Legionär, Die Farbe der Liebe, 1959

DIE AKKORDEON-MELODIKER, Hula-Baby, Vielleicht in 3,4,5,6 Jahren, Rebellen-Rock, 1959