BILLY SHERRILL, Drag Race, 1963

Drag Race is a nervous piano-driven instrumental song but it doesn´t really have anything to do with Hod Rods. Tipsy has the same leading piano mixed with the sound of a bottle being opened, alcohol being  poured and some glasses clinked. Does this record advocate drunk driving?

Anyway two great Rock´n`Roll instrumentals!

BILLY SHERRILL, Drag Race, 1963



USCHI SACHSE, Befreit, 1976

One final record in this weeks   Alcohol & Cigarettes-theme. One that addresses the downside of indulgence.

It would be too easy to make fun of this record. And it wouldn`t be right, because I honestly like it, and because it is after all, a honest record. It makes me cringe listening to it, but I enjoy it.

Uschi Sachse was a alcoholic who sang about the trappings of alcohol and how God saved her. The simple snapshot image on the sleeve is kind of misleading, because Uschi is backed by a full orchestra and chorus. But it remains a simple song with a simple message.

I couldn`t find out anything about Uschi Sachse, but on the insert she thanks a local Berlin church for their “kind reception into their congregation”, so at least we know how the record ended up in Berlin…

USCHI SACHSE, Befreit, 1976

OMEGA JAZZBAND, Lass den Teufel in der Flasche

omega-frontomega-backomega-labelMy personal favorite of the batch, The Omega Jazzband doing a Straightedge-Jazz-song: “Lass den Teufel in der Flasche” ( Leave the devil in the bottle! ). This record was issued by the City of Berlin warning the youth of the dangers of drinking. What a brilliant concept  to reach young  Berliners: playing Old-Time Jazz…

OMEGA JAZZBAND, Lass den Teufel in der Flasche

OMEGA JAZZBAND, Ich brauche dich