ARGENTINISCHE TANGO-KAPELLE, Heut tanz´ ich nur mit dir, 1930

On more cheap 8 inch tango record, this one is on the Derby label. The local Berlin Derby label was an economy label that also produced  regular 10 inch records. Before I  “researched” a bit on the Internet, I didn´t know economy labels existed in the 1920s. But of course the recording industry was already huge,  so of course some businesses tried to sell cheaper versions of  hit records.

As was common practice with cheapo labels, the names of the artists didn´t appear on the labels but often well-known artists were playing on the recordings.  The musicians of the “Argentinean Tango Band” were most likely  local Berliners. The original of Heut tanz´ ich nur mit dir (today I´ll only dance with you) was written by famous Berlin composer  Will Meisel.

ARGENTINISCHE TANGO-KAPELLE, Heut tanz´ ich nur mit dir, 1930

ARGENTINISCHE TANGO-KAPELLE, Auf einer kleinen Bank im Park, 1930

A single page probably from another program, that I “found” in the May 1931 Wintergarten program, with a poem by Erich Kästner and nice photo of  contortionist Barbara La May.