Am kommenden Samstag findet unsere kleine Schallplattenversteigerungsshow Auktion/Destruktion zum letzten Mal in der Kollage statt. Leider muß die Kollage schliessen und so hat unsere Show dann erstmal kein zuhause.

Auch diesmal versteigern, verkaufen und zerbrechen wir wieder Singles aus allen Jahrzehnten der Popgeschichte: Raritäten, Hits und totalen Schrott. Kommt früher und guckt in meine Plattenkiste um zu sehen, was ich versteigere. Hier nochmal unser kleiner Auktion/Destruktion Jingle

AUKTION/DESTRUKTION on Saturday, March 14 at Kollage

auktion-destruktion-14-03-09Once again DJ Auktion and DJ Destruktion will be spinning, auctioning and destroying records in our 5th AUKTION/DESTRUKTION happening. We play everything from hits to rare to real garbage. Starting bids are 10 cents and if nobody buys a record we break it right after playing. It`s your chance to get your hands on some cheap records and to see some real bad music destroyed.

Hope to see you on Saturday!


auktion-destruktion-flyerTomorrow,  Frank and I are going to play, auction and (hopefully) destroy some records again at the 4th auction/destruction happening at the Kollage in Kreuzberg. Performing at around 9:30 will be Eli Salzman from Santa Cruz, California. Come early and listen to Eli.

Or come and look into my box of records so you`ll know what will be auctioned later. I recently bought a whole box (about 400) of  hit records from the 70`s and 80`s at a thrift store in my street. Some great stuff but also real garbage. I`m looking forward to play, sell or destroy some of them next Friday. Frank just got back from traveling over a month in the US. He promised to sell some of the 45`s of that stack of records that he bought in Memphis and Philadelphia. Hope to see you!

If you can read German you can see a new one-page comic about Auktion/Destruktion that will appear in Ox-Magazine next week, on my other site Monovision.


Thanks to everyone that attended our auction/destruction happening last night! Frank and I had a lot of fun. This time people bid on almost anything and we didn`t get to destroy as many records as I had wished. So instead we made a little money…

Thanks to my sweet girlfriend Julia who made these videos.

A German Telefunken pressing of the THE WAIKIKI`S “Waikiki Welcome” from 1962 is up for bidding:

THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN`s “Save Your Kisses For Me” saved from destruction for 10 cents:

And yes, it only takes seconds to break one:

Here`s the jingle Frank did for   AUKTION/DESTRUKTION

Vielen Dank auch an Anja Krieger, die einen sehr netten Artikel über den Abend auf ihrer Seite geschrieben hat.

Ebenfalls sehr freundliche Worte über uns fand der Eigenhund blog. Vielen Dank.




On Friday November 21. DJ FRANKY FUZZ and I are going to play, auction and destroy records again. All styles and genres: hits, rarities and total garbage. Starting bids are 10 cents. If a record is not sold we break it. 10 pm at the KOLLAGE , Yorckstrasse 22 in Kreuzberg


auktion-destruktion-25-10-2008-005On Friday, November 21  Frank and I are going to DJ at the KOLLAGE , Yorckstrasse 22 in  Kreuzberg.

ACTUALLY it`s much better than that: for the 3rd time this year we are going to play records, auction them off or if nobody wants to bid on them destroy them right away.

We had a lot of fun the last times we did this.  It is kind of liberating to break a record you really hate but also heartbreaking to see one go that might not have deserved it. Some people bid on the worst 80`s records while a lot of awful and some nice ones were destroyed.

So if you are in Berlin come on down to Kreuzberg  to the KOLLAGE, a nice artist/student-type bar. Drinks are cheap and bids start at 10 cents.  We play, sell or destroy some really horrible but also some really cool stuff.