Thanks for all the mails that I got from concerned readers. I was mostly occupied with the weekly Berlin Beatet Bestes radio show and the weekly Berlin Beatet Bestes column that I write for Jungle World. They are just spin-offs of this blog but they took up most of my free time. One can only work so much.

The radio shows were a lot of fun. On Tuesday we talked with Martin, who does Brotbeutel blog, on the phone for 90 minutes. He played some of his weirder music off his blog and in general seemed like a really nice guy. I had never met him and it was a pleasure to talk with someone who had inspired me to start this blog.

Then last week we had Peter Schimmelpfennig on the show. His biography is quite impressive but he is most well-known for producing and managing East-German Rock groups Karat, Puhdys and City in West-Germany in the 70´s and 80´s. Originally from Hamburg, he was a regular at the Star-Club in the 60´s  and then moved to Berlin in 1963 to work for the independent record label Metronome when he was only 19. In the 70´s he started his own record label Pool records. His most successful artist was Georg Kranz. Surprisingly he also made a record with Horst Koch, a re-recording of Lachen called Rocklachen. I only saw the record in the bag of records that Peter brought to the show, but we didn´t get to play it. Now I have to find that record.

Peter Schimmelpfennig also produced the Berlin Rock group Bel Ami. I posted one of their records here. Andy actually got Peter to call up Lutz Walzberg, their original vocalist, in the show. I thought it was a little pushy but Peter assured us that it was okay and that they were still friends after more than 25 years. It was really great talking to Lutz. Altough he is paralysed and tied to the bed because of multiple sclerosis he sounded very energetic. He still knew the Turkish lyrics to Bel Ami´s hit song Berlin bei Nacht (the one I´ve posted) and even started to sing them. Cool!

Before I´ll get to the music, I`d like to announce that we´re doing AUKTION/DESTRUKTION again today, Friday, November 20th at the Kollage, Yorckstrasse 22 in Kreuzberg. Show starts at 10. This time Mario is joining me. We´ll be spinning, auctioning and destroying 45´s again – rarities, hits and total garbage. Starting bids are 10 cents.

Also,  Kleingeld nicht vergessen! Ich hab diesmal wirklich schöne Platten in der Kiste!