JINGLE JUMPERS, Jumpin´ The Jingle, 1965

jingle-jumpers-frontjingle-jumpers-backexp-4422-vogexp-4423-vogThis EP promoted the Jingle Jump toy in France. Dansez Le Jingle Jump is a cover version of  Jingle Jump bei Danny Peil and the Tigers/Apollos.

When I first listened to this EP, I immediately thought: This does not sound like a budget-group doing a half-assed promo song, but an established rock´n´roll band. I listened to it again and again. Finally it hit me: I know this voice!  It sounds like Eddy Mitchell!

I found reference to the record in the book La belle histoire des groupes de rock français des années 60 by Jean Chalvidant and Hervé Mouvet published in 2001:  In 1962, Eddy Mitchell broke up with Chausettes Noires and went solo in 1963. In 1964 he briefly got together with Les Fantômes and recorded these four beat tunes…

JINGLE JUMPERS, La lecon de jingle jump, 1965

JINGLE JUMPERS, Jumpin´ the jingle, 1965

JINGLE JUMPERS, Dansez le jingle, 1965

JINGLE JUMPERS, Jingle jump champions, 1965


SEPP VIELLECHNER, Jodel-Beat No.1, 1967

jodel-beat-frontjodel-beat-backjodel-beat-labelOdd German records preferably with cartoon sleeves: I thought that I had a pretty narrow focus when I started this blog and that I would run out of material sooner or later but it seems that I always find new stuff that I´ve never seen before. Like this record that I bought last week in a local thrift store. It looks like it was made for  Berlin Beatet Bestes.

The gouache cartoon on the sleeve, executed by an unknown artist, is not exactly brilliant but  I like the bold and fast brush work. Although a Beatle with Lederhosen would´ve been even better…

Jodel On A String is a yodel version of Puppet On A String backed by a typical Oom-pah band. Jodel-Beat No.1 was Sepp Viellechner´s one and only effort at mixing his yodeling with beat music before returning to his Bavarian folk music. He still performs occasionally today.

This is Jodel-Beat No.1! … He´s a red hot Beat-Yodeler! … This is the original Sauerkraut-Beat! … Mountain-Beat and Sauerkraut, come on Tony kiss´n´ shout!  … Sauerkraut´n´sugar sweet, mountain baby Polka-Beat! … Leberkäs´n´discotheque, Tony, Tony kiss´n´shake! …

It´s lovely…

SEPP VIELLECHNER, Jodel-Beat No.1, 1967

SEPP VIELLECHNER, Jodel On A String, 1967

THE DYNAMIC 6+1, Moyambé, 1966

I´m not going to pretend to know anything about Africa or African music. There are a lot of blogs who specialize in that and know much more than I can find out on the internet in a short time. I aquired these records randomly over the past years because I thought they looked interesting. I post them because I haven´t posted any records from Africa yet.

The Dynamic 6+1 were formed in Liberia in the mid-60´s but when they came to Hamburg in 1969 changed their name to the Soulful Dynamics.

They hit number 1 in Germany with Mademoiselle Ninette in 1970. The group is still touring in Germany playing various Oldies shows.

I really like these two songs recorded for the Swiss Elite Special label.

THE DYNAMIC 6+1, Moyambé, 1966

THE DYNAMIC 6+1, Babalazi, 1966

THE DANISH SHARKS, Hully Gully Let`s Go, 1963

The Danish Sharks and  Sir Henry and his Butlers, another Danish group who the Sharks cover here, might not be remembered by everybody. But the clapping in this song BAM-BAM, BA-BA-BAM, BA-BA-BA-BAM  and the shout “LET`S GO” can still be heard in the Football stadiums throughout Europe.

THE DANISH SHARKS, Hully Gully Let`s Go, 1963


Ilias from Athens just mentioned it in his comment below so I thought it fitting to show this video here too.

Singer Aliki Vougiouklaki dancing and singing the Hully Gully in a Greek film from 1964:

I hope I`m not making it too difficult to make this site appear but I`m having fun right now and I`d like everybody to see this other video too that Ilias sent me a link of. Three goofy Greek guys singing Cin Cin in Greek and a very sexy Aliki Vougiouklaki making another appearance! It´s  hilarious!

Thanks alot Ilias!

MANFRED GEROLD, Oh, Sweet Mary, Oh, 1964

manfredNo sleeve and no info on this one. Oh, Sweet Mary, Oh is a nice Pop/Beat song influenced by the Beatles. Manfred Gerold is no Bernhard Frank but I really  like the song. It even has a sweet little guitar break…

MANFRED GEROLD, Oh, Sweet Mary, Oh, 1964

MICHAEL AND THE FIREBIRDS, Der Knüller Mausi Müller, 1964

mausi-muellerThe majority of German Beat songs were sung in English but as silly as most of them were,  I still like the ones best that were sung in German. For no other reason than that I like these songs very much,  here are a couple of my favorites.

Michael and the Firebirds from Cologne recorded this stormy German cover-version of Freddy Cannon`s Abigail Beecher in 1964.  Two years later their vocalist Michael Kogel hit with Los Bravos selling  over one million copies of Black Is Black world-wide.

MICHAEL AND THE FIREBIRDS, Der Knüller Mausi Müller, 1964

MICHAEL AND THE FIREBIRDS, Wir sind eine Dancing Band, 1964


THE GLOOMY MOON SINGERS, Zieht euch warm an, 1964

gloomy-moon-singersThe Gloomy Moon Singers were the house band at Berlin`s  Riverboat Club. In 1964 they came in second in a battle of the bands at the Star Club, losing the first prize to the more stylish  Lords. They recorded one more 45 for the Telefunken label before changing to simply The Gloomys, and more of a pop direction. The most famous band member of The Gloomy Moon Singers was Frank Zander, a German Pop singer who had many hits, singing novelty songs in his gruff trade-mark voice.

The song Zieht euch warm an ( dress warmly) is an advice to all teenage lovers making out at night in the parks and also a threat by the mothers and the fathers ( like prepare yourself: the trouble that your in for, once you get home) with a great trebly guitar sound…

THE GLOOMY MOON SINGERS, Zieht euch warm an, 1964

THE GLOOMY MOON SINGERS, Wenn du willst, 1964

THE ROCKING STARS , Tina Darling, 1965

rocking-starsIn 1960 the Rocking Stars from the small town of Rastatt were probably the only  teenage amateur Rock`n`Roll group that got a chance to make records in Germany at the time. They recorded two flexi discs for the budget label Hallo and then later developed into a Beat group.

Tina Darling , a cover-version of  Shake, Rattle and Roll with German lyrics, was a minor hit at Radio Luxembourg and is featured on their CBS LP.

THE ROCKING STARS, Tina Darling, 1965

THE ROCKING STARS , Blues Stay Away From Me, 1965