DANY`S CLAN, Berlin – Nie wieder fliehen!, 1990

Last week I bought this record on EBay. It`s the first time I ever bought something on EBay and it will be the last time. This is probably the worst record I`ll ever post here. And I have posted some really bad records so far. I`m pretty happy with the record though. I enjoy these type of records. It was only one Euro plus two Euros postage. Still, that`s too much for garbage . The sort of records I´m looking for are best bought in thrift-stores or at flea-markets and are supposed to cost next to nothing.

Also, I really enjoy digging through “stuff”. Putting “Berlin” in the search bar at EBay and then picking one of a list is not the same kind of fun. The description of the record was rather vague. It only had a very small picture (no scan) of the front cover, the name of the label and the title. From the hand-lettering style of the graphics the record could have been from the 50s and 60s. I guessed that it was some kind of strange right wing, anti-communist record

Actually it`s rather sweet. “Dany`s Clan” is a group from Alsace (France) close to the German border. Sung with a slight french accent “Berlin-Nie wieder fliehen”( Berlin-Never needing to escape again! …Well, it rhymes in German…) is their little happy ode to German reunification. It`s dedicated to Walter Momper who was mayor of Berlin when the wall came down. The record looks like a private pressing but was released on the small Bella Musica label, one of Germanys oldest independent labels that is still operating. Evelyn Künneke and Gisela Jonas both released records on Bella Musica in the 60s.

DANY`S CLAN, Berlin – Nie wieder fliehen!, 1990