DIE HEARTBREAKERS, Ich weiß, was ich will, 1991

This is for my girlfriend, who is a teacher and works at a school in the same district, where these girls are from, Berlin-Wedding. Yes, there is a district called Wedding in Berlin and that´s about as merry as it gets here. Wedding has always been a working class district but it has gotten a lot rougher in the last 17 years. As in most European inner cities a lot of immigrants were pushed into certain areas, where nobody saw them and then left to stew in their own juices. When this group of teenagers played together at least they learned to speak German properly. Nowadays kids often speak worse than their parent. Because the kids only hang out with other immigrant kids who have trouble speaking good German. And our racist system is not interested in helping people (kids!) that are not considered proper Germans. There is simply not enough money going into the schools. Busing the kids to various schools to help them mix with German kids is not even considered right now.

I have a lot of respect for my girlfriend who cares for the kids at her school. She is the hardest working person I know and she is doing good work.

The early 90s was probably the last time that ordinary, amateur people were recording 45s. Cd’s don`t age with the same kind of dignity that vinyl records do. I´m glad that these girls managed to record this sweet and charming song on a 45.

DIE HEARTBREAKERS, Ich weiß, was ich will, 1991