THE ROCK AND ROLL BAND, Außer Rand und Band, 1956

Around the same time that I got the odd Tutti Frutti record,  I also found this. I was a 14-year old rockabilly fan in 1980 and was already  searching the thrift-stores and flea-markets. This record was a dissapointment. It seemed to be the real stuff that people listened to in Germany in the 50´s: weak instrumental ersatz-rock´n´roll recorded by a professional orchestra for the department store chain Neckermann. Square.

Außer Rand und Band was the German title of the first rock´n´roll film Rock Around The Clock from 1956,  that caused riots in the theatres and on the streets even in Germany.

“… you never know, what they´re going to do!”

( Cartoon by Fritz Wolf from the Anthology “Kleine Stricheleien, Praesentverlag Heinz Peter, 1959)

Nothing can be heard on this medley of Bill Haley´s hits that would make anybody think of inciting a riot, but another 30 years later I really dig this. It´s kind of sweet how this group tried to wring out some hot and fast teenage music from their war-damaged souls…

THE ROCK AND ROLL BAND, 1. Rock-A-Beatin-Boogie – 2. Giddy Up A Ding Dong – 3. Shake, Rattle and Roll, 1956

THE ROCK AND ROLL BAND, 4.Rock around the clock- 5. Teach you to rock – 6. A-B-C-Boogie, 1956