SLÀVA KUNST ORCHESTRA, Postman Twist, 1962

carusel-of-tunes-frontcarusel-of-tunes-backcarusel-of-tunes-labelThis was probably a souvenir record to commemorate the “International Prague Stamp Exhibition 1962”.

The state-owned Czechoslovak record company Supraphon released a lot of beautifully designed LP and EP sleeves. Emulating the French EPs with their laminated covers, they  even went so far as to attach the little perforated pieces of cardboard that had the name and release number for re-ordering. Only, these records were made solely for export, to show-off to the outside world. The local Czech versions of the same records mostly had simple company sleeves:postovsky-panacek

On this EP: two mail-related twist songs, “Postman Twist” and “Pigeon Express Twist”, a instrumental version of the “Babysitter Twist” and a cover-version of “Got a match?” by the Daddy-O`s from 1958.

Apart from the cool design, the woman on the sleeve does look kind of campy…


SLÀVA KUNST ORCHESTRA, Postman Twist, 1962

SLÀVA KUNST ORCHESTRA, Pigeon Express Twist, 1962

SLÀVA KUNST ORCHESTRA, Babysitter Twist, 1962

SLÀVA KUNST ORCHESTRA, Oiga Me Do Fuego (Got a match?), 1962

THE DADDY-O`S, Got a match?, 1958

got-a-match“Got a match?” was written and produced by Billy Mure and went to # 39 on the Billboard charts in 1958. Billy Mure a brilliant guitar-player went on to record a series of albums called “Supersonic Guitars”.

The other one is a tune for all proud fathers: “Have a cigar!”

THE DADDY-O`S, Got a match?, 1958

THE DADDY-O`S, Have a cigar!, 1958