THE SHOW STOPPERS, Ain´t Nothing But A House Party, 1968

show-stoppers-frontshow-stoppers-labelWhen I post records  on this blog everything about them looks neat and organized. Looking for records at the flea-markets and in thrift-stores is the opposite. Everything is cluttered and you have to make your own decisions. In reality the dirt and the gold are so close they seem

Like in this case. If you know the Show Stoppers you will know the deal. If you don´t, like I didn´t when I bought this record, you´ll go by the sleeve.  I liked the cartoon. So imagine my surprise when I took this “party record”, that I had purchased for 50 cents in a thrift-store, home and gave it a listen. It´s a monster Northern Soul classic!!!

For some reason the people at Metronome had decided to market this 1971 re-release of the Show Stoppers 1968 hit record as a “party record”. Misleading would be an understatement. This is a classic Soul record!!! The sleeve was drawn by the young designer Heinz Dofflein.h-d-71 Sadly I couldn´t find out much about Heinz Dofflein on the Internet.  He did a great cartoon LP sleeve in the same style  for the Guckenheimer Sauerkraut Band(1974) here. He also did a bunch of  LP sleeves for Krautrock bands such as the legendary Robert Crumb inspired drawing for Berlin`s Birth Control (1972) here, Guru Guru (1972) here and a fantasy style painting for Grobschnitt (1977) here. But after that, he seemed to have stopped working. Hopefully some information will surface about Heinz Dofflein. I sure would like to know what happened to him…

( UPDATE 01/22/2010:  I got a mail recently, by someone whose sister was Dofflein´s girlfriend once, informing me that Heinz Dofflein has died. That´s all they knew, not where and when, so I can´t confirm it.

Übrigens: ein kleiner erweiterter, von mir auf Deutsch geschriebener Artikel, über diese Platte der Showstoppers und über Heinz Dofflein erschien am 29. Oktober 2009 in der Wochenzeitung Jungle World. Zu finden Online hier.)

THE SHOW STOPPERS, Ain´t Nothing But A House Party, 1968

THE SHOW STOPPERS, What Can A Man Do, 1968