Listen to WVEW 107.7 tonight!

Tonight Troy McClure is playing some great Exotica, Surf music and Rock`n´Roll on his weekly radio show Peel Slowly and See on WVEW 107.7 FM Brattleboro Community Radio, between 8 to 9 pm Eastern  time, that´s 2 in the morning in Germany. He promised to play a song he found on this blog. You can listen online here

Brattleboro, Vermont

downtown-brattleboroBrattleboro is a real cool small town where I felt at home right away. Its two main streets have nice cafés, thrift-shops, book-stores, a art-supply store and two really cool record-stores. Lisa and Chris produce Bingo Granola, great tasting organic granola that they sell at the Brattleboro Farmers Market. We spent almost 2 weeks in Brattleboro and really enjoyed our stay.brattleboro

Chris was one of the founders of WVEW 107.7, Brattleboro community radio and does a Thursday morning show, the Moose Haas show together with John Singer. John also plays in the Zip  Code Rapists.  On August 6, 2009 I was invited to be the guest on the show. From 8 to 9:30 am I played some of my favourite records that I have posted here over the past 2 years.

The show was a lot of fun and Chris recorded the whole thing so I hope I will be able to post the show here in the future. Thanks a lot Chris!chrisandy

I bought a whole bunch of LP´s for 25 Cents each at Experienced Goods, a thrift-store that serves as a fund-raiser for the Brattleboro Hospice, and a lot of 45´s at Turn It Up Records, mostly  between 50 cents or a dollar. I finally found a copy of the MAD “Twists” Rock´n´Roll LP there. in-the-moment-records

But my favourite store was In The Moment Records. I bought a whole lot of fine Rock´n´Roll 45´s there and also some weird stuff that I will probably post in the future.inside-in-the-moment

This one I´ll post right away because it is a advertisement record, a Twist record and it even came with a sleeve. Just the kind I like the best!