DIE GERMAN BLUE FLAMES, Besser geht`s mit…COKE, 1966

Yet another Flexi disc. This time it came with Bravo (No.32, 1966), Germany´s No.1 teen-magazine.


(“Hello Bravo- friends, this is Heiner Landwehr of `The Geman Blue Flames` speaking. I´m the bassist, so I’m the hardest-working man among the five of us. So every once in a while I need to take a little break. Of course with a bottle of Coke.”


“Yes, Coke! It´s spelt C-O-K-E and throughout the world that is short for Coca-Cola.”)

You see, back in 1966, us backwards Krauts didn`t know what Coke was.  So the guys at Coca-Cola thought about some Re-Education.

Well, it didn`t work. 42 years later we still don`t say Coke. If we want to order a Coke in Germany, we order a Cola: “Eine Cola, Bitte!”

This is a fun record and the Flames turn out a nice beat version of “Things go better…”, including a great guitar break. Bear Family Records reissued the German Blue Flames , as well as every other “important” German beat band, on their 30-CD series “Smash…! Boom…! Bang…!”-Beat in Germany- The 60s Anthology.

DIE GERMAN BLUE FLAMES, Besser geht`s mit…COKE, 1966