BOB GERRY, Baby-Twist, 1962

Der Liebestraum als Twist is the craziest and fastest German twist song ever and Bob Gerry recorded the craziest and fastest version of  it for the budget label Baccarola. I´ve always loved the over-the-top wackiness of that version. I posted the record two years ago  here but also wrote about Der Liebestraum and Christian Bruhn , the original artist that recorded it, two weeks ago in my weekly Jungle World column here. My article ended with the sentence: whatever became of Bob Gerry is unknown. I´ve had the record for 30 years and never knew who Bob Gerry was.

While browsing in some older articles in the German Rock´n´Roll Records Forum a couple of days ago I read  that  Bob Gerry was one of the pseudonyms that Werner Hass used for his Baccarola label recordings. And then I also got a E-mail from Hartmut who had read both articles and hinted that it wasn´t such a mystery who Bob Gerry really was. There is even some  information about Bob Gerry/Werner Hass in English on this Joe Meek tribute site.  Coincidentally I had written a little bit about Werner Hass in one of my last post .

While answering Hartmut´s mail I realised that I had two more Baccarola Ep´s that feature Bob Gerry. They were sleeveless, sitting in one of the boxes to take to our next Auktion/Destruktion happenings. I obviously never thought too highly of them but now is  a good opportunity to post them.

Baby-Twist was a hit for Will Brandes in 1962. You can hear Will Brandes hilarious German version of the Everly Brothers Wake Up Little Suzie (Wach auf little Susie) over at at the Evil Pain Clown blog.

Now Bob Gerry´s Baby-Twist ain´t so bad. Its nothing like his killer version of Liebestraum but its still a cute little twistin´tune…

BOB GERRY, Baby-Twist, 1962