DIE SCHÜRZENJÄGER, Backe, backe Kuchen, 1966

tiger-5002-fronttiger-5002-backtiger-5002-labelI like most of the records I post on this blog, however strange or bad they may seem to other people. This is an exception and I only post this because I collect these type of records and because it fits with the Ellen Sabri record. I collect them but I don´t really listen to these records. They are bad.tiger-5002

So why do I collect them? Probably because they are so rediculously bad that it amazes me. “Bake, bake a cake always in front of the hot hole” is not  nearly as hot as the Hot Nuts because these Skirt Chasers are playing this awful Oompah music but… I don´t know… just listen for yourself…

DIE SCHÜRZENJÄGER, Backe, backe Kuchen, 1966

DIE SCHÜRZENJÄGER, Und dann braucht sie ´nen starken Hammer, 1966