DINAH SHORE, You Meet The Nicest People, 1960

If you like cool Rock´n´Roll Christmas songs please go to Record Collector´s Hot Platters because he has posted some excellent records over the past weeks.

I think You Meet The Nicest People is a decent song but apart from the sleeve design and the fact that it is advertising for Chevrolet this Dinah Shore record is pretty terrible .  So I´ll spare you the really boring songs on the B side.

After recording the music, scanning the sleeve and writing this I just found out that somebody else has already done the same thing yesterday on youtube:

DINAH SHORE, You Meet The Nicest People

DINAH SHORE, Jingle Bells


I would like to thank everyone who visited this site  in the past year and especially the ones that cared enough to post a comment or wrote me a e-mail. It`s the only gratification I get for doing this and it means a lot to me.

For years most of my friends and colleagues had thought of me as really old-fashioned:  I didn`t have a cell-phone ( still don`t), didn`t write e-mails and didn`t know how to use a computer. Last November Mawil and Caro, two fellow cartoonists, told me how easy it was to do a blog so one afternoon I just gave it a try. Once I started to write this blog everything changed and now I`m addicted .

Contrary to most other bad habits I still enjoy this addiction and writing and presenting all this stuff . This blog is the only place that I have for doing something creative with my other more serious addiction that I`ve had since I was a kid: collecting. Some records I can play when I dj from time to time, but most of the stuff  I post here is not fit for that. Just like this one here:


This flexible postcard record was a advertisement given to Christmas shoppers urging them to buy Polydor records. Freddy and Caterina Valente are not even on the record and the Peter Kraus one is so boring that I cut out all the music and exchanged it with some bits of some of my favourite songs that I posted here this past year.

BERLIN BEATET BESTES – Weihnachtsgrüße

(Update 07/18/2009:  HA HA HA HA HA!!! Somebody is trying to sell this little flexible piece of printed cardboard on Ebay right now for 249,90 (!) Euros!!! Good luck finding somebody stupid!!! THIS RECORD SUCKS BIG TIME!!!)

SANTO & JOHNNY, Twistin`Bells, 1962

twistin-bellstwistin-bells-labelThis is my favorite Rock`n`Roll Christmas song right after Elvis`s “Santa Claus is back in town”. I love Santo & Johnny and if you find any of their records I highly recommend you to buy them.santo-and-johnny

While not all of their music is Rock`n`Roll and is venturing into easy-listening-land they have a beautiful guitar sound on all their records.

“Twistin` Bells” is a twist-version of “Jingle Bells”and it rocks…

SANTO & JOHNNY, Twistin`Bells, 1962

SANTO & JOHNNY, Bullseye!, 1962

DIETER SÜVERKRÜP, Es ist ein Rot entsprungen, 1970


Just in time for Christmas i found something fitting. A Marxist X-Mas record and it´s a mean record! In fact that`s what it says on the cover: Dieter Süverkrüp sings horrid Christmas songs. Changing the title of “Es ist ein Ros ensprungen” from “rose” to “rot”(red) makes this pretty much an ode to communism. You know, like “the people rising up again” and “chasing the godfearing parasites off the table”. Fun stuff. Süverkrüp, born 1934, was one of the most well known German folk singers of the 60s and 70s. Politically he was probably the most hardcore Marxist of them all. In 1961 he co-founded the leftist record label Pläne. He was also a graphic artist and did the design on this record cover. Süverkrüp has not performed in 10 jears, but still works as a graphic artist. Apart from most of his stuff this 4-song EP is pretty funky. A while back Conträr records re-released most of his early stuff on a 4-CD box. They left out this song.

DIETER SÜVERKRÜP, Es ist ein Rot entsprungen, 1970