BERND SPIER, Memphis Tennessee, 1964

I´ve been really busy these past weeks with work so I haven´t been able to meet my Thursday deadlines recently. Sorry for all of you who come here regularly to find no new posts. I´m trying to work on it.

A bunch of cover versions this week . I already posted another one of Bernd Spier ´s records last year here. He covers two Chuck Berry tunes on this one. Ohne ein bestimmtes Ziel is a pretty accurate German translation of No Particular Place To Go, but without any of the sexual connotations of Chuck Berry´s original. This is a pretty common record here in Germany but that shouldn´t make it any less enjoyable.

Yea, before you laugh about this,  wait til you heard the rest of this week´s cover versions. It gets waaaay worse…

BERND SPIER, Memphis Tennessee, 1964

BERND SPIER, Ohne ein bestimmtes Ziel,  1964


CZERWONO-CZARNI, Sweet Little Sixteen, 1961

Czerwono-Czarni are one of my favorite polish beat groups. They might not have been the wildest but they put out a lot of great records in the 60´s.

They backed many pop singers in the 60´s too, among them Karin Stanek:

On this first EP of the “Red and Blacks” they´re dishing out some cover versions of Chuck Berry´s Sweet Little Sixteen, Cliff Richard´s Apron Strings, Tommy Steele´s Elevator Rock and Bill Haley´s When The Saints Go Rock´n´Roll.

Unlike on their later releases Janusz Godlewski (Sweet Little Sixteen, Apron Strings) and Marek Tarnowski ( Elevator Rock, When The Saints) are singing in English here. Or at least it sounds like English.

It doesn´t really matter because they´re rockin´their polish souls out…

CZERWONO-CZARNI, Sweet Little Sixteen, 1961

CZERWONO-CZARNI, Apron Strings, 1961

CZERWONO-CZARNI, Elevator Rock, 1961

CZERWONO-CZARNI, When the Saints Go Rock´n´Roll, 1961

THE OLYMPICS, Sweet Little Sixteen, 1964

The Olympics, or simply Olympic,  from Prague were and probably still are the most well known Czech rock´n´roll group. I collected most their early 45´s in the 90´s when the East-Berliners threw out their old records to make room for new CD´s from the West.  This is not among Olympic´s best records but pretty much their funniest.

Or maybe this one is:

Pavel Bobek played with Olympic from 1963 to 1965 and then went on to become one of Czechoslovakia´s most popular  country music stars in the 70´s and 80´s.

THE OLYMPICS, Sweet Little Sixteen, 1964

LUXEMBURG-COMBO, Twenty O´Clock Rock, 1962

I bought this record together with a whole bunch of other Polish beat and rock´n´roll 45´s on a trip to Warsaw two years ago. Eddie Cochran´s Twenty Flight Rock and Ronnie Hawkins Forty Days interpreted phonetically both in the title and in the singing by Janusz Godlewski, who also played with the popular Polish beat groups Czwerwono-Czarni and Tajfuny. I swear I was singing and speaking English like that before I started to learn English in 5th grade, just imitating the sound from the American and British pop music I heard on the radio.

Nevertheless this is pretty rockin´, way better than for example Peter Kraus´ schmaltzy German version of Bluejean Bop (Susi-Rock) or most German 50´s rock´n´roll for that matter.

And way funnier…

LUXEMBURG-COMBO, Twenty O´Clock Rock, 1962

LUXEMBURG-COMBO, Forty Days, 1962

LUXEMBURG-COMBO, Good Luck Charm, 1962

LUXEMBURG-COMBO, Such A Night, 1962

THE LIVERPOOL BEATS, Memphis Tennessee, 1964

These Brits had the courtesy to record these two songs in our beloved mother-tongue. If only  some of the currently popular artists would also do that! It would bring a much needed comical element to their music.

I would buy Lady Ga Ga singing in German any time…

THE LIVERPOOL BEATS, Memphis Tennessee, 1964