muenchener-songgruppe-frontmuenchener-songgruppe-backmuenchener-songgruppe-labelBavaria is the most conservative state of Germany, where leftists and communists always had a hard time. The Munich Song-Group was a group of folk singers, who campaigned around the country, trying to help the communist cause. Typical for Pläne records, this is kind of dry musically, but politically pretty forward. Most of the issues they address, still ring true today, especially in times of bankrupt banks, dwindling stock-markets and worldwide neo-liberal economies, that have no real opposition any more. Just like another band once sang:” Big Business on Parade, a public sham charade.”

So people get angry…

DIE MUENCHENER SONGGRUPPE, Freunde, der Ofen ist noch nicht aus, 1971

DIE MUENCHENER SONGGRUPPE, Was macht die Regierung?, 1971

DIE MUENCHENER SONGGRUPPE, Macht- und Profitwalzer, 1971


Reportage über den Weltraumflug Gagarins

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin (9 March 1934 – 27 March 1968), Hero of the Soviet Union, was a Soviet cosmonaut. On April 12th 1961 he became the first person in space and the first to orbit the Earth. He received many medals from different countries for his pioneering tour in space.

This postcard record commemorates this triumphant victory for the Soviet Union. On the record 27 year old Gagarin is heard speaking from space: He is overwhelmed by the look of the stars and the gleaming colours of space. Of course he also praises the Soviet Union, Khrushchev and Communism . One of the best lines of the narrator is: “These 108 minutes were forcing the Capitalist Camp once more to rethink: the Cold War is senseless.”

Gagarin later began to re-qualify as a fighter pilot. On 27 March 1968 , he and his instructor died in a MIG-15 UTI on a routine training flight.

Reportage über den Weltraumflug Gagarins


“…1-2-3-4…1-2-3-4… Well, Dear Listeners, do you know how to dance the Hully Gully?… I´ve got a tip for you: you can watch it on R-F-T- Television Sets!”


This postcard record was meant to be a souvenir for visitors of the Leipzig Fair. It advertises for Television Sets and Radios made in East Germany. Somewhat of a rarity because Advertisement was not as necessary under Communism as it was in the Capitalist World. The song was written by band leader Walter Eichenberg.

I´m posting the cover for the regular Amiga 45 just because there is a nice dance instruction for the Hully Gully on the back.

In 2003 Bear Family Records released a great compilation CD of all East German Twist records called Twist in der DDR.


DIETER SÜVERKRÜP, Es ist ein Rot entsprungen, 1970


Just in time for Christmas i found something fitting. A Marxist X-Mas record and it´s a mean record! In fact that`s what it says on the cover: Dieter Süverkrüp sings horrid Christmas songs. Changing the title of “Es ist ein Ros ensprungen” from “rose” to “rot”(red) makes this pretty much an ode to communism. You know, like “the people rising up again” and “chasing the godfearing parasites off the table”. Fun stuff. Süverkrüp, born 1934, was one of the most well known German folk singers of the 60s and 70s. Politically he was probably the most hardcore Marxist of them all. In 1961 he co-founded the leftist record label Pläne. He was also a graphic artist and did the design on this record cover. Süverkrüp has not performed in 10 jears, but still works as a graphic artist. Apart from most of his stuff this 4-song EP is pretty funky. A while back Conträr records re-released most of his early stuff on a 4-CD box. They left out this song.

DIETER SÜVERKRÜP, Es ist ein Rot entsprungen, 1970