BERNHARD FRANK, Über die Brücken von Venedig, 1965

küsse-labelAs you might have noticed, I´ve taken a little break from this site lately, because…  because I felt like it. After all, it is a lot of work scanning and digitizing the records and it´s not like they absolutely need to be heard anyway. My main ambition still is to put material (mostly obscure German records that are easy to grab for everybody at flea markets and thrift shops)  on the Internet for the first time. But for now, nobody really seems to want to take over that job, probably because obviously this stuff is not worth most serious record collectors time. So here I am again…

Well, sometimes I do find records that are not so bad, or even great like this one. Bernhard Frank is not unknown to followers of this blog,  I´ve posted a bunch of  records by this forgotten Berlin musician in the past. Like I´ve said many times, he only wrote good songs. These two schlager-beat tunes might not stand the test of hardcore beat fans but I  love them. The ballad on the  flip side “Über den Brücken von Venedig” (Over the bridges of Venice) is a beautiful organ driven love song, while “Küsse von mir” (Kisses from me) is a fine easygoing schlager-beat stroller.


Interpop and Derby were two small Berlin sister labels that produced mostly pop and schlager records in the early to mid-60´s. Like Bernhard Frank they seem to have vanished into nowhere…

BERNHARD FRANK, Über die Brücken von Venedig, 1965

BERNHARD FRANK, Küsse von mir, 1965

JAN BERTHOLD, Immer allein, 1964

Although I have now idea who Jan Berthold is, that shouldn´t mean that someone more knowledgeable than me out there, does. Several  people that were connected to the records and artists that I´ve poste have contacted me over the past three years, so maybe over time somebody will come up with some information about Jan Berthold.

The catalog on the back of the sleeve lists three Transylvanian (Ethnic Germans from Siebenbürgen, Romania) records, so I´m curious if the owner of the Berlin-based Derby record label had any Transylvanian roots.

I don´t know any of the artists on the list and I´ve never seen any of the records either, but that´s one of the reasons I picked this one up. It´s  another hint about what other stuff there is to discover. I know I´m  a little strange, but doesn´t  “Schwarze Saphire aus Bangkok” by Bert Bucher or “Tingel, Tingel,  Ling-Ling” by Anita sound pretty interesting?

These  two obscure schlager songs by Jan Berthold might not have changed the world,  but at least you´ve never heard them before…

JAN BERTHOLD, Immer allein, 1964

JAN BERTHOLD, Sind auch die Jahre vergangen, 1964