SPIEGELSPLITTER, Spiegelsplitterspitz, 1981

spiegelsplitter-frontspiegelsplitter-backspiegelsplitter-labelspiegelsplitter-info1spiegelsplitter-info21spiegelsplitter-info31spiegelsplitter-info41This one I bought a while back in one of the two thrift stores in my street.

The store owners are a young couple with a child in kindergarten.


They are nice but always seem kind of irritated. As if they knew they are going to be cheated but they can`t help it. They always put the valuable records in front of the store in the 50 cents bin ( oh, they raised the prices, now it`s 1 euro) single-1-euroand the worthless mainstream stuff inside for 2 to 5 euros. Sometimes months pass where I go in and never find anything but every once in a while I get something good for cheap. I never bargain with them and always pay the price they ask.roy-deininger

German electronic Punk music from these two guys in Spiegelsplitter. Well, technically it might not be Punk Rock but it`s got some good aggressive vibe. And spitz means horny and Pillemann (fass mich an) means penis (touch me) and the songs are about just that. Penis Punk. Sexy Punk. Sexy electronic Punk from Berlin…

SPIEGELSPLITTER, Spiegelsplitterspitz, 1981

SPIEGELSPLITTER, Pillemann (fass mich an), 1981