Deine Chance ist Berlin

deine-chance-ist-berlinThis will probably only be of interest to Germans or Berliners. Our beloved former Social Democrat mayor of Berlin Willy Brandt is inviting people to move to Berlin and become Berliners. How charming.

If  it wern´t for the terrible music that came with it…

Deine Chance ist Berlin

(Update 07/04/2009: Another compliment of Stefan who sent me these scans of  images from the booklet that came with the Flexi-disc)


PHILICORDA, Wir machen Musik

philicorda-labelIt will get worse from here on. This 6″ Flexi-disc was advertising for a new Philips organ, the Philicorda. Various tunes played on the Philicorda interrupted by a annoying yet funny German speaker…

Boot Sale Sounds recently posted a British advertisement record for the Philicorda here

PHILICORDA, Wir machen Musikphilicordaphilicorda-back

(Update 07/07/2009:  So here´s a photo of the squeaky organ. This alternative cardboard version is another contribution from Stefan´s collection of German advertisement records. Very much appreciated!)

BERNHARD FRANK, Es ist mir egal, 1965

Flexi discs were the cheapest of all budget records. Their main purpose was to be sold cheaply or to be used for advertising. Pressed into thin plastic, cardboard or postcards, they were not even considered to be real records, but just disposable items that had no value whatsoever.

Granted, a lot of them were indeed garbage, but occasionally some jewels turned under the radar. I´ve been collecting flexi discs  by the  Okay, Okay Exquisit and Rondo budget labels that were manufactured by the Phonocolor company from Berlin-Lichterfelde for a while now and posted most of them last April.  Still, my biggest find I made only recently.

I couldn´t find any information on Bernhard Frank besides some SS-Obersturmbannführer that shared the same name. Why this record was not a hit escapes me. Maybe it was not a regular Okay Exquisit release or only pressed in a very small quantity. Believe me it`s great. I was really surprised when I listened to it for the first time. “Es ist mir egal” ( I don´t care) is a great angry Beat song with a slight Pretty Things influence. The B-side is somewhat tamer, like the Beatles. Great stuff!!!

Bernhard Frank, where are you today…???

BERNHARD FRANK, Es ist mir egal, 1965

BERNHARD FRANK, Nur eine Frage der Zeit, 1965


I would like to thank everyone who visited this site  in the past year and especially the ones that cared enough to post a comment or wrote me a e-mail. It`s the only gratification I get for doing this and it means a lot to me.

For years most of my friends and colleagues had thought of me as really old-fashioned:  I didn`t have a cell-phone ( still don`t), didn`t write e-mails and didn`t know how to use a computer. Last November Mawil and Caro, two fellow cartoonists, told me how easy it was to do a blog so one afternoon I just gave it a try. Once I started to write this blog everything changed and now I`m addicted .

Contrary to most other bad habits I still enjoy this addiction and writing and presenting all this stuff . This blog is the only place that I have for doing something creative with my other more serious addiction that I`ve had since I was a kid: collecting. Some records I can play when I dj from time to time, but most of the stuff  I post here is not fit for that. Just like this one here:


This flexible postcard record was a advertisement given to Christmas shoppers urging them to buy Polydor records. Freddy and Caterina Valente are not even on the record and the Peter Kraus one is so boring that I cut out all the music and exchanged it with some bits of some of my favourite songs that I posted here this past year.

BERLIN BEATET BESTES – Weihnachtsgrüße

(Update 07/18/2009:  HA HA HA HA HA!!! Somebody is trying to sell this little flexible piece of printed cardboard on Ebay right now for 249,90 (!) Euros!!! Good luck finding somebody stupid!!! THIS RECORD SUCKS BIG TIME!!!)


A  flexible postcard from communist East-Germany about Skiing. Actually the only reason I post this is it fits the program and that`s also why I bought it but besides that I don`t know why anyone would bother to listen to this. The kind of stuff one ends up with  if you`re a “collector”. Somebody who habitually hordes material regardless of any quality. It`s sad really…

If you`re into commie-nostalgia or any skiing-reference ever made on record go ahead…


MONIKA DANNEMANN, Die Wahrheit über Jimi Hendrix


Guessing from the label of this Flexi disc this was a supplement to Poster Press Magazine in the 70s. On the record a German girl claims to have been Jimi Hendrix girlfriend.


With a deeply depressing voice she says: “My name is Monika Dannemann. I was Jimi`s girlfriend. He told me what he thought and how he felt when he drove his music through the speakers.”

At the end of the record she says: “I know the truth about Jimi Hendrix.” What kind of TRUTH that is she doesn`t say. Did she write a whole book about Jimi Hendrix? On the record it sounds like a teaser for something bigger. We will probably never know…

You have to listen to this. Hilarious!

Update, 25.02.2008:

I am not a journalist and not used to do a lot of research. When I wrote about Ha-Ga I searched for hours for details about her life. With this piece I was a little lazy. There is a whole page on Monika Dannemann on Wikipedia. Apparently she is quite well known for being the last person to have seen Jimi Hendrix alive. Monika Dannemann was a fine art painter and led a very interesting life. She did write a book about Jimi Hendrix that came out in 1995.

MONIKA DANNEMANN, Die Wahrheit über Jimi Hendrix

( Ein kleiner, von mir auf deutsch geschriebener Text über Monika Dannemann,  erschien am 6. August 2009 in der Wochenzeitung Jungle World. Im Internet zu lesen ist er hier. )

DIE GERMAN BLUE FLAMES, Besser geht`s mit…COKE, 1966

Yet another Flexi disc. This time it came with Bravo (No.32, 1966), Germany´s No.1 teen-magazine.


(“Hello Bravo- friends, this is Heiner Landwehr of `The Geman Blue Flames` speaking. I´m the bassist, so I’m the hardest-working man among the five of us. So every once in a while I need to take a little break. Of course with a bottle of Coke.”


“Yes, Coke! It´s spelt C-O-K-E and throughout the world that is short for Coca-Cola.”)

You see, back in 1966, us backwards Krauts didn`t know what Coke was.  So the guys at Coca-Cola thought about some Re-Education.

Well, it didn`t work. 42 years later we still don`t say Coke. If we want to order a Coke in Germany, we order a Cola: “Eine Cola, Bitte!”

This is a fun record and the Flames turn out a nice beat version of “Things go better…”, including a great guitar break. Bear Family Records reissued the German Blue Flames , as well as every other “important” German beat band, on their 30-CD series “Smash…! Boom…! Bang…!”-Beat in Germany- The 60s Anthology.

DIE GERMAN BLUE FLAMES, Besser geht`s mit…COKE, 1966