THE DANISH SHARKS, Hully Gully Let`s Go, 1963

The Danish Sharks and  Sir Henry and his Butlers, another Danish group who the Sharks cover here, might not be remembered by everybody. But the clapping in this song BAM-BAM, BA-BA-BAM, BA-BA-BA-BAM  and the shout “LET`S GO” can still be heard in the Football stadiums throughout Europe.

THE DANISH SHARKS, Hully Gully Let`s Go, 1963


Ilias from Athens just mentioned it in his comment below so I thought it fitting to show this video here too.

Singer Aliki Vougiouklaki dancing and singing the Hully Gully in a Greek film from 1964:

I hope I`m not making it too difficult to make this site appear but I`m having fun right now and I`d like everybody to see this other video too that Ilias sent me a link of. Three goofy Greek guys singing Cin Cin in Greek and a very sexy Aliki Vougiouklaki making another appearance! It´s  hilarious!

Thanks alot Ilias!

Luft raus – Hefe rein

Just to show how bad ( and funny ) German football enthusiasm can get here`s a private pressing of a amateur football club or rather a bar-team, the “FC Mutter Ernst”. The songs are all about drinking and playing football. Actually they`re more about drinking than anything else. And being “the pride of the bars of the nation”. The title on the sleeve says: “Air out- Yeast in”. It seems they had fun recording their club anthems and didn`t take themselves seriously at all. I love these kind of records and it continues to amaze me what people do in their spare time. This is a typical do-it-yourself release with no other intention than to leave some trace of themselves and having fun along the way. No release date given but from the their pictures you can guess sometime in the 80s.

FC MUTTER ERNST, Mutter Ernst Hymne