Here`s the Paris Madison played live at the Madison Club in Paris. Olivier Despax and his Gamblers sound more like a Jazz group but one that can also rock. Great conga playing, a driving organ and a bluesy guitar break . You can hear the people shouting in the background. This is wild stuff!


LUCKY JACK, Hully Gully Time, 1963

lucky-jack-frontlucky-jack-backlucky-jack-labelIf you liked these Hully Gully songs and are too lazy to download every single one  go to Michael´s Mostly Uncomped blog. He collected the best ones I posted here and added some others and made a nice Hully Gully compilation.

Here is some nice organ driven instrumental music. Save yourself the 20 bucks to buy this on Ebay here

LUCKY JACK, Hully Gully Time, 1963

LUCKY JACK, Lecon de Hully Gully, 1963

LUCKY JACK, Let`s do the Hully Gully, 1963

LUCKY JACK, Second Fiddle Girl, 1963

HAROLD NICHOLAS, Hully Gully Firehouse, 1963

harold-nicholas-frontharold-nicholas-backharold-nicholas-labelHow could I forget to post this? Hully Gully Firehouse is  one of my favorite Hully Gully songs!

Harold Nicholas was an African-American expatriate who moved to France in the 50`s. Together with his brother he appeared in various European movies among them the German musical Bonjour Kathrin(1956) with Caterina Valente. Later he played along with Eddie Constantine in the French detective-movie parody “L’empire de la nuit”(1962).harold-nicholas

But before he came to France he had already been hugely successful in the States. Together with his brother he had performed as the famous tap-dancing Nicholas Brothers since the late 30´s. Here`s a video of their most famous performance in the film “Stormy Weather”(1943) together with Cab Calloway. Watch how they jump way off the piano and land in splits:

Born in 1921 Harold Nicholas was already 42 years old, when he recorded these songs but you would never know. This sounds totally fresh and dynamic and he must still have been one hell of a dancer. His French is very good too and for the longest time I couldn`t make out where the slight accent was coming from. I don`t know if  Harold Nicholas recorded more than these handful of songs in the early 60´s. He sang Jazz in later years.  Only a short time after he moved back to New York Harold Nicholas died of a heart attack in 2000.

This is a German release on the Ariola/Barclay  label and the songs are different than on the French Barclay EP that you can see hereHully Gully Firehouse is great soulful Rock`n`Roll with a great guitar!

HAROLD NICHOLAS, Hully Gully Firehouse, 1963

HAROLD NICHOLAS, Personne que toi (Nobody But You), 1963

HAROLD NICHOLAS, Tout jeune (Like You), 1963

HAROLD NICHOLAS, Desafinado (Faits pour s´aimer), 1963