GARY EDWARDS COMBO, Franz Liszt Twist, 1962

Look what I found today at the small flea-market that is happening every Saturday down the street from where I live. Another version of “Der Liebestraum als Twist” on the ORIOLE label from England. The record is a little beat up but it plays fine and it was only 50 cents. The label lists a Peter Pavey as the author of the Franz Liszt Twist but I`ll believe the original Liebestraum Twist was written by Christian Bruhn as long as somebody proves otherwise. This version has a similar intro: “Herrjeh, Herrjeh, Herrjeh, all lovers of Liszt will now twist!”. On the other hand musically this version beats the original version by a long shot. This is great rock`n`roll as is the B-Side  Twist or Bust.

GARY EDWARDS COMBO, Franz Liszt Twist, 1962

GARY EDWARDS COMBO, Twist Or Bust, 1962