BERNHARD FRANK & DIE RAKETEN, Liebesmelodie, 1965

And then Mario pulled out this record and I was floored! Another Bernhard Frank record! Together with his group: The Rockets! And it is another winner! As I´ve written before, I have yet to hear a bad song Bernhard Frank  recorded. Thanks again Mario!!!


The Kaskade label released records of very different caliber among them one of Frank Zander´s early records (together with his group The Q), arguably one of Berlin´s most well-known Pop/Rock musician. Because it was a very local label I suspect Bernhard Frank was indeed from Berlin. The rather primitive sleeve sure didn´t help selling his music. So far I couldn´t find out much about him. Mario bought the record many years ago but had no information about it either. Just like many unknown artists and groups that I featured here before, Bernhard Frank´s  full story remains to be told.

Liebesmelodie is a strong rocker with a catchy melody, driving drums and tambourine, great guitar break and lots of yeah yeah yeah. Amazing!

Boy und Girl is somewhat more pop-ish but again with a wonderful guitar break. Two brilliant Berlin Beat songs! Yeah!!!

BERNHARD FRANK & DIE RAKETEN, Liebesmelodie, 1965


MALEPARTUS II., Ei Lorche, 1966

Last week I found a record in a local thrift store that is exactly the kind I had in mind when I started Berlin Beatet Bestes:  silly, German and with a cartoon sleeve. It even rocks.

I posted the first Malepartus II. record last November. This, the second Malepartus II. single, was recorded by an entirely different band to cash-in on the success of  Lisbeth, a cover version of Wild Thing. The original Malepartus II. group was actually the Kingbeats from Frankfurt. Their drummer Jürgen Zöllner later joined BAP and is still playing with them.

The cartoon sleeve was drawn by Will Halle, a cartoonist from Berlin. I already wrote a bit about him here.

Both songs stay within the initial novelty concept of mixing primitive Troggs-style Beat with silly German lyrics sung in the Hessian dialect. Fraa, bring de Äppelbrei! is about a hungry kid demanding his apple porridge. Ei Lorche is even more silly with lots of funny noises and lyrics about a parrot called Lorche that is driving his master crazy because it is talking too much.

MALEPARTUS II., Ei Lorche, 1966

MALEPARTUS II., Fraa, bring de Äppelbrei!, 1966

MICHAEL & THE FIREBIRDS, Lass Sie geh´n ( She´s Not There), 1965

michael & the firebirds 148 515sHaro sent me the sleeve to the Michael and the Firebirds 45 that I posted earlier this year here. This is their second single on the  Star Club label. The A-side is a great German cover-version of the Zombies hit She´s Not There. The B-side is a Michael & The Firebirds original. One year later their vocalist Michel Kogler got famous as the voice of the million-seller Black is Black by the manufactured Beat group Los Bravos. Kogler wrote the music and the lyrics to Black is Black. After his time in Los Bravos Michael Kogler tried his luck recording several records under the name of Mike Kennedy in the early 70´s but failed to chart.

Anyway this is excellent German Beat music! I love the Zombies and I love She´s Not There and this is a great German version of that song…

MICHAEL & THE FIREBIRDS, Lass Sie geh´n ( She´s Not There), 1965

MICHAEL  & THE FIREBIRDS, Make Me Happy, 1965

For all you aural gourmets out there this was recorded with a slightly bigger Bit-rate than I usually do. Courtesy of Haro from Partenheim!

7´´ Star – Club Single 148 515 STF – Stereo – 1965 – D – ” Michael & The Firebirds ” ! Band : ” Michael & The Firebirds “ Label – Nr. : Star – Club 148 515 STF – Stereo Matritz – Nr. : AA 148 515.1 F / AA 148 515.2 F Musikverlag : Minerva Music Land : Deutschland ( Germany ) Erschienen : 1965 Zustand : Platte und Cover sehr gut erhalten ( VG+ / VG+ )Besonderheit : Zweite 7´ Single – Ausgabe dieser doch damals wenig beachteteten Band, die aber für meine Begriffe sehr gute Musik ( Beat ) gemacht hat ! Single – A Side : Lass Sie geh´n ( She´s Not There ) 2´24 ( Rod Argent / J. Nicolac ) Single – B Side : Make Me Happy 2´12 ( R. Lindt / P. Ström / G. Tilgert ) Group : ” Michael & The Firebirds ” –

Beschreibung : Hier eine sehr gut erhaltene original deutsche 7´ Star – Club Single im blauen Standard – Cover mit Bild von ” Michael ( Kogel ) ” auf der Coverrückseite. Auf der A. Seite erklingt die deutsche Cover – Version ” Lass Sie geh´n ” des Welterfolges ” She´s Not There ” der ” Zombies “,ceiner englischen Top – Beat Band der 60er Jahre. Die B. Seite ist mit einemcSong der Band selber bestückt ” Make Me Happy “, der ebenso gut eingespielt worden ist. Zu ” Michael and the Firebirds ” kann man folgendes schreiben undzwar wurde er am 25 April 1944 in Berlin mit dem Namen ” Michael Kogel “ geboren. 1964 tauchte er mit seiner Band in Köln im Glaspalast, einem Beat –schuppen in Köln – Ehrenfeld, auf. Dort wurde er von dem Kölner Musik –Produzenten ” Nils Nobach ” entdeckt und der produzierte auch die erste 7´Single der Band, die auf dem Ariola – Label unter der Nummer 10 960 AT( Mono ) mit einer tollen Bildhülle, die die Band komplett zeigt, erschien und zwar war auf der A. Seite ” Der Knüller Mausi Müller ” ( deutsche Version des US Top – Hits ” Abigail Becher ” von ” Freddie Cannon ” ) zu hören sowie auf der B. Seite ” Wir sind eine Dancing Band ” ( einem deutschen Stimmungssong der von der Band verbeatet worden ist ). Leider war diese Platte ein wenig erfolgreicher Wurf in Deutschland, sodaß gerade diese Single in gutem Zustand mit dem original Cover als sehr selten anzusehen ist. Auch der Produzent ” Nils Nobach ” brachte ” Michael Kogel ” 1966 mit der spanischen Band ” Los Bravos “ zusammen, die damals einen guten Sänger suchten und er hatte Glück das er mit der Band den Song ” Black Is Black ” einspielte, den er selber komponiert und getextet hatte und wie wir wissen, wurde der Song Weltweit ein Riesen Erfolg. Alle Aufnahmen, die dann von ” Los Bravos ” bis Ende der 60er Jahre erschienen, wurden mit dem Top – Sänger ” Michael Kogel ” aufgenommen und waren teilweise auch sehr gute Erfolge. Später stellte sich dann raus, das niemand von der bekannten Band ” Los Bravos ” an den Aufnahmen zu ” Black Is Black ” selber mit gewirkt hatte, sondern diese mit englischen Studio – Musikern gemacht wurden, nur der Sänger ” Michael Kogel ” war echt. Nachdem sich die Band in Spanien Anfang der 70er Jahre auflöste, brachte Michael unter dem Künstlername ” Mike Kennedy ” noch einige Platten auf den Markt, die aber vor allem in Deutschland wenig Beachtung fanden !

Haro ( Partenheim )

GRAF KOKS, Made in Germany, 1966

There is a little known genre of German music that was very popular in the 1960´s: risqué Oompah-music. There were hundreds of groups playing and recording this thinly veiled, insinuating party-music. graf-koks

The Tiger label was one of the many sub-labels of Acondor that Hans-Werner Kuntze founded out of the small town of Osnabrück. His CCA label is famous for producing some of the rarest German Beat records.

This is still far away from the all-out graphic language of the Ellen Sabri songs but  Lord Muck is singing about his “thing” being made in Germany. And of course the high quality it is made of…

GRAF KOKS, Made in Germany, 1966

GRAF KOKS, Mariechen sass auf einem Stein, 1966

PETER REESE AND THE PAGES, Hully Gully Lullaby, 1964

Peter Reese and the Pages from Mainz recorded a full LP for the Philips label. Here are two Rock`n`Roll songs by this great German Beat group with a super-fast guitar break on Hully Gully Lullaby played by their female lead-guitarist Helga Gwiasta…

PETER REESE AND THE PAGES, Hully Gully Lullaby, 1964

PETER REESE AND THE PAGES, Schau, schau, 1964

MICHAEL AND THE FIREBIRDS, Der Knüller Mausi Müller, 1964

mausi-muellerThe majority of German Beat songs were sung in English but as silly as most of them were,  I still like the ones best that were sung in German. For no other reason than that I like these songs very much,  here are a couple of my favorites.

Michael and the Firebirds from Cologne recorded this stormy German cover-version of Freddy Cannon`s Abigail Beecher in 1964.  Two years later their vocalist Michael Kogel hit with Los Bravos selling  over one million copies of Black Is Black world-wide.

MICHAEL AND THE FIREBIRDS, Der Knüller Mausi Müller, 1964

MICHAEL AND THE FIREBIRDS, Wir sind eine Dancing Band, 1964


THE GLOOMY MOON SINGERS, Zieht euch warm an, 1964

gloomy-moon-singersThe Gloomy Moon Singers were the house band at Berlin`s  Riverboat Club. In 1964 they came in second in a battle of the bands at the Star Club, losing the first prize to the more stylish  Lords. They recorded one more 45 for the Telefunken label before changing to simply The Gloomys, and more of a pop direction. The most famous band member of The Gloomy Moon Singers was Frank Zander, a German Pop singer who had many hits, singing novelty songs in his gruff trade-mark voice.

The song Zieht euch warm an ( dress warmly) is an advice to all teenage lovers making out at night in the parks and also a threat by the mothers and the fathers ( like prepare yourself: the trouble that your in for, once you get home) with a great trebly guitar sound…

THE GLOOMY MOON SINGERS, Zieht euch warm an, 1964

THE GLOOMY MOON SINGERS, Wenn du willst, 1964

THE ROCKING STARS , Tina Darling, 1965

rocking-starsIn 1960 the Rocking Stars from the small town of Rastatt were probably the only  teenage amateur Rock`n`Roll group that got a chance to make records in Germany at the time. They recorded two flexi discs for the budget label Hallo and then later developed into a Beat group.

Tina Darling , a cover-version of  Shake, Rattle and Roll with German lyrics, was a minor hit at Radio Luxembourg and is featured on their CBS LP.

THE ROCKING STARS, Tina Darling, 1965

THE ROCKING STARS , Blues Stay Away From Me, 1965