BOTHO LUCAS, Uns´re kleine feine Familie, 1965

This is a German version of the ska classic Shame & Scandal. Botho Lucas was the founder of the Botho-Lucas-Chor, who had a long career recording and performing.

Lyrically, this stays pretty close to the original:

The story follows a young Trinidadian man in search of a wife. In each of the verses, the young man asks his father for permission to marry a different woman, only to be told he can’t marry the girl as “The girl is your sister but your mamma don’t know”. However, the tables are turned during the last verse, where the young man’s mother tells him that “Your daddy ain’t your daddy, but your daddy don’t know”, clearing the path for him to marry any of the girls. (Wikipedia)

BOTHO LUCAS, Uns´re kleine feine Familie, 1965