ARSEN DEDIC & DRAGO MLINAREC, Razgovarem S Morem, 1968

My girlfriend Julia and I spent two nice weeks on vacation in Croatia on the Dalmatian coast. We mostly stayed at a little former fishers village called Bratus, went swimming and got a tan only from staying in the shade because it was so hot. We had a great time.

Before we went to Bratus, we spent a couple of days in Split. Always on the look-out for records, I asked the first people when we left the plane at the airport. As usual everybody was clueless. But I kept my eyes open and on our second night in Split, while we were looking for a place to eat I spotted a used book-store. Julia said:” Alll-right!” and I went for a quick look inside. No records. I asked but they didn`t know of any used record stores in Split. On my way out I asked if there was another used book-store nearby. Yes, there was one and some friendly customer from the store even took us there. The other book-store didn`t have any records either. I asked about old records and the owner didn`t know anything but just by coincidence a customer said, yes, he knew of one place and he had been planning to go there right now! That nice man was Miro Zupa and he lead us to a thrift-store in the basement of a side street that we would never have found by ourselves. It didn`t even have a sign. It was still very hot and the owner of the shop was sitting outside  in a cafe and let us go into his shop by ourselves. By that time we were both very hungry but luckily Julia was very patient with me and I came away with 20 records for 6 euros!

This is a record from the Split music-festival 1968. Arsen Dedic was a big star in Yugoslavia as were the orchestra leader Stipica Kalogjera and the beat-group Grupa 220. The song “Razgovaram S Morem” (conversation with the sea) is a swinging soul/pop/beat number, sort of Tom Jones meets Karel Gott. I think it`s a beautiful song and I can`t get it out of my head. Listen!

More records from former Yugoslavia next week…

ARSEN DEDIC & DRAGO MLINAREC, Razgovarem S Morem, 1968