TUPOLEV, Hamburger Funeral

This is from my hometown Hamburg and judging from the sleeve, graphics and music I would place it somewhere between 1985 to 1987. I didn`t know what it was and just took it because it was 1 euro and  looked slightly punkish. The music is somewhere between BLOOD ON THE SADDLE, THE MEKONS and THE POGUES. A style that was popular with a lot of people who had surpassed their punk phase in the 80s. A mix of folk, country and punk that got labeled “cow punk”.

Being from Hamburg  and having experienced that time quite consciously I still do not recall this band. Once again there was nothing about them on the Internet but I bet they went on to play music in other bands and I hope to find out about their history soon.

The Rock`n`Roll instrumental “Kung Fu” is the winner on this record. Also the one that shows the most wear so someone must have liked it a lot. The other songs kind of grow on me and I think I will give them a couple of more spins in the future. I only have to find a cowboy hat now…

TUPOLEV, Hamburger Funeral


TUPOLEV, Down in the Glen