MALEPARTUS II., Ei Lorche, 1966

Last week I found a record in a local thrift store that is exactly the kind I had in mind when I started Berlin Beatet Bestes:  silly, German and with a cartoon sleeve. It even rocks.

I posted the first Malepartus II. record last November. This, the second Malepartus II. single, was recorded by an entirely different band to cash-in on the success of  Lisbeth, a cover version of Wild Thing. The original Malepartus II. group was actually the Kingbeats from Frankfurt. Their drummer Jürgen Zöllner later joined BAP and is still playing with them.

The cartoon sleeve was drawn by Will Halle, a cartoonist from Berlin. I already wrote a bit about him here.

Both songs stay within the initial novelty concept of mixing primitive Troggs-style Beat with silly German lyrics sung in the Hessian dialect. Fraa, bring de Äppelbrei! is about a hungry kid demanding his apple porridge. Ei Lorche is even more silly with lots of funny noises and lyrics about a parrot called Lorche that is driving his master crazy because it is talking too much.

MALEPARTUS II., Ei Lorche, 1966

MALEPARTUS II., Fraa, bring de Äppelbrei!, 1966