GOOGIE RENE, Wiggle-Tail, 1958

It´s still freezing cold outside and I don´t get around much. On Tuesday though I did the radio show with the other Andy and it was a lot of fun. One of the best shows we did together. We still have two shows to go: Tuesday, February 16  and Tuesday, February 23  from 9 to 11 pm on Herbstradio 99.1

Our Auktion/Destruktion show is homeless right now because Kollage, the bar we did it at,  is closing. But Tomorrow we´re doing one final short demonstration of  it, in what they call” The Show Of  The Shows”,  Kollage´s last big celebration. Friday February 12, starting at 9 pm.

(Wir suchen eine neue Heimat für unsere Auktion/Destruktion Show. Wer eine Kneipe/Bar in Berlin kennt, die Interesse haben könnte, bitte melden!)

Last week I scanned a bunch of stuff , researched and wrote a bit. This week I´ll take it easy: just good music.

Office Naps posted another Googie Rene 45 three years ago and also wrote a little bit about the artist here.

Two cool instrumental Rock´n´Roll tracks from Los Angeles…

GOOGIE RENE, Wiggle-Tail Part 1, 1958

GOOGIE RENE, Wiggle-Tail Part 2, 1958

“HANDSOME” JIM BALCOM, Corrido Rock, 1958

“Handsome” Jim Balcom´s Corrido Rock, a great super-fast saxophone driven instrumental rocker,  hit #59 in Cash Box Magazine in March 1958. That same week Googie Rene´s Wiggle-Tail , another fine instrumental Rock´n´Roll song, was # 60. But more decisive was # 1 : Tequila by the Champs. One of the most famous saxophone driven instrumental Rock´n´Roll songs of all time.

Corrido Rock still is… well,  a great super-fast saxophone driven instrumental rocker…

“HANDSOME” JIM BALCOM, Corrido Rock Part 1, 1958

“HANDSOME” JIM BALCOM, Corrido Rock Part 2, 1958


“Ah, So!… Very fine Chinese Rock´n´Roll!”

The Highlights from Cleveland, Ohio recorded this great instrumental Rock´n´Roll 45  in 1958. The´s covered the song in the early 90´s.

Studio Blues is equally rockin´…


THE HIGHLIGHTS, Studio Blues, 1958

GONE ALL STARS, “7-11”, 1957

Great  Rock´n´Roll instrumental two-sider from New York City´s Gone label.

GONE ALL STARS, “7-11”, 1957

GONE ALL STARS, Down Yonder Rock, 1957

FLOYD CRAMER, Satan´s Doll, 1963

Floyd Cramer had a long career in the music business, most of it not related to Rock´n´Roll.

Satan´s Doll is a nice swingin´rocker that features Floyd Cramer´s trademark piano playing and a nice reverb-laden bass guitar.

BUD ASHTON, Kon-Tiki, 1961

I have posted budget records before,  mostly focusing on the German variety: Tip, Tempo, Rondo, Okay. This here record came out on the legendary British budget label  Embassy owned by the Woolworth chain store and exclusively sold through stores at half the price of  major label releases. Apparently there are quite a number of  collectors already occupied with assembling Embassy releases as can be seen on this Embassy label tribute website.

Isn´t that a beautiful sleeve!? The label operated from 1954 to 1965 producing mostly double-a-side singles with cover versions of hit songs. Just like the musicians that worked for other European budget labels, these musicians were professionals. Considering that they had to record these songs in a very short time, it´s amazing that their versions, like  this instrumental originally recorded by the  Shadows, turned out to be so good.

BUD ASHTON, Kon-Tiki, 1961

THE COUSINS, Kili Watch, 1960

kili-watchAs you probably know by now I usually put my best songs on top of the page. Not this time. This is the killer version of Kili Watch. The Cousins from Belgium sold copies of this record in 1960. I posted another real nice record by the Cousins in April here.   About everything the Cousins ever recorded can be found on the Belgian Twist and Frit´Blog.

I can hear the instrumental Rock´n´Roll fanatics yawning already but for those of you who have never heard this, it´s a wonderfully silly Rock´n´Roll song with great guitar breaks.


THE COUSINS, Kili Watch, 1960

THE COUSINS, Fuego, 1960

THE COUSINS, Immer Überall, 1964

immer-ueberallThe Cousins were actually a Belgian instrumental group  much like the Shadows but they sing in German on these two songs so I thought it fit the theme. Das alte Haus in New Orleans is a good cover-version but the flip is actually much better. Also a cover but of what song?…

Here`s a video of them as a instrumental group:

THE COUSINS, Immer Überall, 1964

THE COUSINS, Das alte Haus in New Orleans, 1964