SARE-1027-BSARE-1027-AThe bootleg LP compilation Raks! Raks! Raks! of  Iranian Beat groups of the 60´s came out in March of this year. But I haven´t heard it  yet. In 2004 Tian An Men 89 Records released the first ever Iranian Punk Compilation The Persian New Waves (Mawdj-e Naw e Farsi) LP. That one I gave to Minou so I cannot say much about it either.  For these posts I`ll stick to the records Minou gave me . Until I will hopefully find out more about them later this week, they will remain nameless. Like the protesters that are currently being beaten and murdered in Iran… ( Update:  I just got a mail from Minou in Los Angeles with translations for the record labels done by her family. Thank you so much!)

The biggest expert on Iranian records is probably Dario over at the Irannostalgia blog.  Stuart at Radiodiffusion had a great post last year about a Iranian  45 by the Golden Ring. I feel a little bit stupid because I know so little about Iranian Rock and just try to grab bits and pieces here and there. And I´m certain this record is also well known to Iranians but for the time being I will have to go by the music alone to describe it

The First song is actually two songs. A classical piece that I´m too ignorant (or uneducated) to know, followed by Katanga, a organ-driven Rock instrumental with very dynamic drums. Psychedelic!

(Update 07/18/2009:  Ilias from Athens, Greece just lifted the mystery. The classical piece is Bach´s “Toccata & Fugue”. Now, that´s a very famous piece! But at least I don´t have to feel too lonely to be uneducated since you my dear readers also didn´t know that. Yeah, now it´s too late to say you knew it…)

Diwane Bood In Del (This Heart Was Insane) is a beautiful sad Psychedelic-Pop song with a nice sitar by Abbas Mehrpouya.

( From the youtube video description: Abbas Mehrpouya (1928-1993) was one of  Iran’s top guitarists and sitarists.
He had a unique voice and a unique style which no one has copied yet.
He has composed most of his pieces. He used to invent natural instruments and sometimes bones and some pots were used instead of drums.)


MERHPOUYA, Diwane Boud In Del (This Heart was Insane)

RAMESH, Delakam (My little heart)

5-B6-A The  Persiandiscography site was very useful to find at least some information about all of these lost Iranian record labels, of which  Ahang-E-Rooz was the most important one. This record has the same usual white and yellow front but a black b-side.

Delakam is a mid-tempo song with a funky wah-wah guitar and the great  voice of  Ramesh.  Tschi mishe is a sad, slow Pop song.

RAMESH, Delakam (My little heart)

RAMESH, Tschi mishe (What´s gonna happen)

GOOGOOSH, Djadeh (The Road)

7.SAR-1034-B8.SAR-1034-AI should have at least recognized the voice. The persian superstar Googoosh singing Djadeh with a touch of Shirley Bassey and a dramatic horn-section backing her. Kieh, Kieh is a slow Pop ballad.

GOOGOOSH, Djadeh (The Road)

GOOGOOSH, Kieh, Kieh (Who is it?)

MANOUCHEHR SAKHAEI, Gardanbande Allah (Allahs necklace)

9.AR-1387-B10.AR-1387-AGarbande Allah is a cheerful mid-tempo Pop tune sung by Manouchehr with dynamic congas, flute, organ and guitar. Shahare nour is a nice Pop ballad.

MANOUCHEHR SAKHAEI,  Gardanbande Allah (Allahs necklace)

MANOUCHEHR SAKHAEI, Shahre nour (City of light)