THE POPPY FAMILY, Endless Sleep, 1970

This is a post answering Devil Dick`s post about  The Poppy Family.

I bought it on my trip to Croatia last month and didn`t know anything about the group.  I took it because I recognized Endless Sleep as the Jody Reynolds-penned tragic teen classic.

This is a great version of that song by the American group The Poppy Family on the Decca and the Yugoton label. Yugoslavia , probably because it was a member of the Non-Aligned Movement, had a little more freedom taking capitalist shortcuts. But then I´ve seen these double logos on Hungarian records too and Hungary was part of the Warsaw Pact states. Maybe it doesn`t have anything to do with either of these facts but a capitalist logo on a communist record is pretty strange. Maybe somebody can bring some light into this matter?.

THE POPPY FAMILY, Endless Sleep, 1970

THE POPPY FAMILY, Which way you goin`Billy?, 1970