ADAM UND DIE MICKY`S, John Brown`s Vadder, 1968

adam-frontadam-backadam-labelWill Halle also did the cover illustration for this single and also designed a follow-up LP sleeve. This one was ADAM and the MICKY`S second single after their first one “Papa”, a parody of Dutch child-star Heintje`s “Mama”, sold 150.00 copies.


Humpta-Beat stuff with silly lyrics in the Hessian dialect for the party crowds at the Karneval. “John Brown`s Vadder” is a parody of John Brown`s Body. Adam und die Micky`s are still playing.


This Will Halle cartoon is from the 1959 anthology “Kleine St(r)icheleien”:

The balcony of the pleasure-lover


ADAM UND DIE MICKY`S, John Brown`s Vadder, 1968

ADAM UND DIE MICKY`S, Das nackische Lorchen, 1968