LOS SIREX, El tren de la costa, 1965

Some years ago I was lucky to find four early Ep`s of one of the best Spanish beat bands LOS SIREX in a Berlin second hand record store. All of them in very good condition and for very little money. I remember that, when I was spinning them when I Dj`d, a well known Berlin Beat collector asked me sarcastically ( and enviously) if I was a “Mint-collector”?

Most of the records in my collection are in “good” condition, and that`s how I like them. If they are good records, I play them often and they will not stay “Mint”. Especially not if I use them to Dj. I know a lot of people who collect records but I have yet to meet someone who buys these expensive records on Ebay. They probably never play these records and only use them for speculation purposes. Much like those stock-brokers that messed up the world lately…

“En tren de la costa” is a cover version of “The train kept a `rollin” by the JOHNNY BURNETTE ROCK`N`ROLL TRIO. One of the best versions and one of the most rockin`Spanish beat songs hands down!

LOS SIREX, El tren de la costa, 1965

LOS SIREX, Cantemos, 1965

LOS SIREX, La escoba, 1965

LOS SIREX, Que haces aquí, 1965