I`m A Wimp!


Thanks to everyone that attended Auktion/Destruktion last Saturday. We sold most of our records and destroyed a bunch.  Everyone seemed to have had a good time, except for me. I didn`t try to show it, but I had a splitting headache all  through the night. I  don`t drink that much anymore but the night before I had two beers and sipped on some of Frank`s rum and coke and that did me in. I`m such a wimp nowadays!

Probably because of that, I made a couple of bad decisions, like offering Hawkwind`s Silver Machine to a young audience who sold most of our bad German 80`s pop records. Even mentioning Lemmy didn`t help and I ended up selling it for 70 cents. At least I didn`t have to break it…

On Friday was the opening of the Munny group-show at Knoth & Krüger gallery.The show was organized by the Modern Graphics comic shop and the Knoth & Krüger gallery in Kreuzberg. There is a Elvis-Munny and a Johnny Cash-Munny in the exhibition so I modelled my   Munny doll after

Gene Vincent in The Girl Can`t Help It.

gene-with-blue-cap-on-2 I like Johnny Cash and Elvis but I love Gene Vincent! More photos of my Gene-Munny here.

All dolls are being auctioned and will be sold to the highest bidder. Starting bids are 50 Euros. All proceeds will go to Karuna e.V., a street children project in Berlin, to buy art supplies for their work with the children. You can see all Munny dolls from the exhibition here.

One last thing:  after I`ve been talking to some people at Jungle World about music blogs long enough, they finally let me write about them. So appearing in today`s paper is a two page article that makes mention of most of the blogs that I have in my blogroll.  It`s available on most of the bigger  newsstands throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, or you can read it online here.

Now on to the promised offerings: German Cowboy records…


The weeks  have passed and I haven`t gotten around to write about my trip to Mallorca together with the staff of JUNGLE WORLD. Last Thursday the issue came out, that we all worked on while on the island and it turned out great. If you can read German I recommend you to get it.

JUNGLE WORLD is a weekly newspaper that is sold on newsstands across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and for the first time at selected places in Mallorca. Every year the staff goes to another country to produce a paper. Three years ago I went with them to Istanbul the first time.

This time we spent 12 days at a finca in Buger, a small village in the middle in the middle of the island. I had a great time but there were some stressful moments for everyone. Being with a group in one house most of the time it felt like taking part in the TV show BIG BROTHER sometimes. But I enjoyed even that because of it was a real challenge. In my real life I stay at home all the time like the typical cartoonist and that`s how I like it. Being with a group 24 hours a day for 12 days is very tiring.

Besides that we all went out to get our stories. I met with the Mallorca punk band MOSTROS at their practice space and had a real good time. Later I wrote a little piece about them and the Palma Punk scene in the paper.

Four of us from the paper went to the local office of the Spanish anarchist union CNT. It`s located very closely to the Mallorcan Parliament, in a old appartement building. We interviewed their “Secretary of Staff” and spend a very nice time with the comrades.

Another highlight of the trip was meeting the local comic artist MAX and four of his collegues: TOMEU SEGUÌ, GABI BELTRÀN, ALEX FITO and CANIZALES. Minou and I put together a two page spread of their comics and drawings and  I interviewed MAX for JUNGLE WORLD and we spent a very nice time in the cafè of the museum that was currently hosting a exhibition by GILBERT SHELTON.

This is a video that I pieced together of MOSTROS at their practice space: